God's Story Video:  From Creation to Eternity
Solar Powered EV Backpack 
Malawi Church Prays and Rejoices!

IN AFRICA: Just after Christmas an EVBP was hand delivered to Malawi to a very poor evangelist who we had first met at Amsterdam.  How poor? This pastor/evangelist contacted us during the translation process of his language Chewa and Yao, two of the five he committed to orchestrate. He asked, "We have located paper, but could you send us some erasers?"
Our God-provided courier, a Malawian student at Wheaton, brought back pictures. 

The photos show the church, a "building" built of branches supported and laid across poles for a sun shade. "Inside" they show the elders laying their hands on the EV backpack for a dedication ceremony. 



A letter just arrived a month later telling of the first use of the Backpack.  The pastor said "In the first four show times we saw 4 then 7 then 3 then 11 come to Jesus."  Imagine, many are finding New Life, and they do not yet have a God's Story version in their native tongue to show on the player!  Lord willing we plan to record Chewa in May and deliver the finished version for use in Malawi and Zambia in July.
One at a time the requests for EVBPs are being filled. Each goes to an evangelist who walks or bicycles to remote villages to deliver the Gospel.  In spots antagonistic to Christians, the small player can be unobtrusively carried in to homes to show GS.  In more open countries the PA carried in the EVBP is used to amplify God's Story for large crowds and for the evangelist to preach to hundreds, even thousands.  We  have yet unfilled requests for over 500, not counting the Nigerian project which is scheduled for 500 to start.  Although our primary focus is getting new languages produced, our hearts go out to the evangelists who wait for these EVBPs

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