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The Bible used by Christians comes from 66 ancient manuscripts which are divided into two sections called the Old and New Testaments. Over a period of 1,500 years, 40 different authors wrote down messages from God. These combined messages contain important information on history, science, health, psychology and a number of other topics.

However, the central theme of the Bible is this: the all powerful, ever-existent God created mankind for His glory and for His pleasure. This God, in his divine foreknowledge, knew that the people He created would use their gift of free will to rebel against Him and His leadership. This rebellion, called sin, would separate people from their relationship with God.

But God, in his great love for the people, had already devised a solution. He planned to come to the world, and to reveal Himself in the form of a human, as a Savior, so that He could provide a way to reunite the fallen, separated people back to Himself.

The video, God's Story: From Creation To Eternity, presents an overview of the whole Bible, highlighting God's promised plan. The promised Savior, Jesus, came. While on earth, He stated and showed that everything recorded about Himself in the Old Testament writings, including even the smallest of details, would all be fulfilled, 100 percent, and it was.

One significant proof of the Bible's divine authorship comes from its being the only book in the world ever written that contains predictions (prophecies) which have proven to be 100 percent accurate.

As an encouragement to those not too familiar with the Bible, the God's Story video presents many of the Old Testament prophecies which point to Jesus as that Savior promised from God.

Although most of the Bible was written through people who descend from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (known as the Children of Israel or Jews), a clear reading of the Bible reveals that God is no respecter of persons. No matter the age or gender, the race or ethnic background, or the educational, social or economic status, God reaches out with His offer of love to all people.

The Bible states that God's requirement for all mankind is the same. It says people must depend on Jesus as their only way of access back to God. God's message teaches that no human deeds however noble, no religion however moral, can span the gap between fallen mankind and God.

God shows that everything we design or do is still imperfect and brings glory to us and not to Him. He asks us to place all of our faith in the perfect God-Man, Jesus, as our Savior. Jesus, who on the cross paid the penalty for our sin and rebellion against God, offers us the only way to receive forgiveness and be reunited with God.

As shown in the God's Story video, Jesus Himself declared in the Bible, "I am the Way the Truth and the Life; no man comes to the Father but by me." John 14:6

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