God's Story Video:  From Creation to Eternity
Solar Powered EV Backpack 

Haitian evangelist called to say that he has been traveling from town to town giving "showings" of God's Story. He wears an Evangelist Backpack containing the solar powered VCD player with the 4" pop-up screen to show GS. He puts it up on a high shelf so lots of people can see it. 

Since unemployment has the nation in its death grip, people own little and have nothing to do. Most have never even seen a movie, let alone the technology represented in a VCD player! They crowd in to see, 20, 30 even "67" at once! Many pray for salvation at the end. This evangelist reported of "200 seeing the video and 150 of them accepting Christ as their Savior!"

HIS YEAR-END LETTER: (read the from this "poor" evangelist in Haiti and see if your eyes can stay dry.) "1600 people viewed Gods Story, 325 people got saved." Our Lord is a provider. Thanks Larry [the man who supports him and sent him the solar powered Evangelist Backpack.] and the ISOB Board for this movie. This is the cry of our people. They continue to praise Lord for you. There were tears in their face when they saw this kind of movie. It is real God talk to his people, He was there like every where. It is so sad to see how thirsty are my people to see for the first time the movie with *good sound. Praise Lord!!!" *At first he had been playing it for large crowds without the solar PA.

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