God's Story Video:  From Creation to Eternity
Solar Powered EV Backpack 

In the mountainous Himalayas of North India, the Lord has set up a leader with great vision, Sam. For two years Sam used the one Hindi copy of GS that a friend had given him. With great joy and excitement he "discovered" at Amsterdam that our vision was to produce GS in multiple world languages.

We sent him one Evangelist Backpack and a PA.

He writes, "All most every week we screen the God's Story in our week long "Great Commission training Center" . In this Institute we bring believers from all over the state and give intensive training for the discipleship and foundation of Christian life. In each batch we train 10 to 15 people. So far seven batch has completed the training and they are a helping hand for reaching the untold and planting House Churches in their respective villages. Also in the villages we show this story. All of them love to see and they say this is far more clear than the "Jesus Film" to understand what the Bible is all about and easy to understand the purpose of following the Lord. [We here at TGSP like to see the two films used in concert. First lay the foundation of Old and New Testament as seen in God's Story, and then play the Jesus film and the viewers understanding seems to increases.]

Sam, this outstanding leader in North India, has already orchestrated the translation of five new languages. He now has English and Hindi in his schools. Although the people can sort of understand the two languages, neither are their heart languages.

Remember taking a class in Spanish, French or German in school? If you stuck with it you could communicate basic truths like "Where is the library?" or "The book is on the table." But when it came to deep feelings and spiritual truths, ones heart language was always the best.

As donors sponsor EV Backpacks and solar-powered audio-players, and as friends carry them in to emerging nations, we can supply dedicated national workers with these productive tools.

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