God's Story Video:  From Creation to Eternity
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Response in rural area of India with only 2% Christians!


Note: the size of the screen compared to what most viewers in developed countries experience... 

This picture illustrates the incredible response to the Gospel. The letter below chronicles the move of the Holy Spirit on the viewers.


...yet, note the intensity on the faces of the viewers as they learn about Jesus for the first time.

4. This letter below, sent to us by the evangelist using the player from the EVBP, becomes even more amazing when you discover that the people are watching an English version of God's Story since their Indian language of Kannada is not yet completed. The evangelist translated the whole 80-minutes into Kannada as it played!

The letter from India as it came to us:

"Many people accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal saviour through God!s story project. Thank you very much for your help and encouraagement . God healed a woman from Bleeding problem during God!s story film. on 30-12-200l a woman name XXXX came to see the God!s story film at one of our training centre. she had bleeding problem since 3 years .she visited many doctors,she spent lot of money for that, nothing was helped her to stop bleeding. 

"She was watching the film and she was restless during the film show, We did not understand in the beginning. When she heard Jesus is healing many sick people. She prayerd in her heart and believed Jesus can stop her blleding. God did miracle in her life on that day. After film was over my wife lead them to prayer. after prayer she was very happy and crying. my wife asked the reason, than she told that Jesus stoped her bleeding problem. 26 women accepted Jesus on that day. Glory and  honour to Jesus alone who healed her from her sickness. praise the Lord. His grace and mercy upon His obedience children."

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