The 80-minute video, God's Story: From Creation To Eternity, presents the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Throughout the Old and New Testaments, this panorama of the Scriptures highlights God's plan to rescue fallen mankind.

God's Story Video:  From Creation to Eternity, story leading to Mel Gibson's The Passion
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Reaching the Unreached in
Unprecedented Numbers

These tracks below were recorded at an ACMC conference in Modesto, CA, March 2004
The workshop speaker, Dorothy A. Miller, explains why some ministries are not reaching
their intended people groups. Feel free to listen to all the clips or one-by-one as time permits.
Download the MP3 zip file for the entire CD or order the CD by calling (951) 658-1619.

God's Story Synopsis

"Sein Plan" ‹bersicht

Synopsis de, (l'Histoire de Dieu)

La Historia de Dios: (synopsis)

Resume e "Historise se Zotit"

Istoria lui Dumnezeu – Rezumat

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0:44 Questions and Answers

3:10 Questions and Answers

5:11 Questions and Answers

Download entire CD in MP3 format, total time 62:09. This file is zipped and tracks are same the 15 above. Feel free to burn CD and hand out to others. Size - 27.75 MB

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