Amsterdam 2000
World Conference For Evangelists
God's Story: From Creation to Eternity
Eight World Languages
July 29-August 6th


Leaders of Amsterdam 2000 asked if they could show our video,
God's Story: From Creation to Eternity
to their nearly 12 thousand conference attendees.

Needless to say we said, "YES!"

This 10-day conference, sponsored by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, last convened in 1986. The "by invitation only" delegates were evangelists from around the world, 75% of whom were from emerging nations.  This was the last international gathering for Billy Graham who, even though he was too ill to attend, "passed the gauntlet" on via a recorded appearance to the attending evangelists. 

The attendees had their choice of eight languages in which to view God's Story. We also represented God's Story at the convention in the booth of Eden Communications which helped set up this wonderful opportunity.

We also spoke on video evangelism and explained to those attending the many ways God's Story can be utilized. We consider this huge exposure of the God's Story video to the world of evangelism to be a gift from God. It happened as an answer to many prayers including those of the precious elderly residents of two nursing homes where we lead weekly church services. 

Description Of God's Story
Shared With Attendees

  • God's Story is an overview of the Bible covering Genesis to Revelation in a storytelling video format.  This video captivates all age groups whether shown to individuals, families or in churches and stadiums.  It can be played on hand-held portable VCD players, on TVs through a VCR or VCD player, on overhead video projectors, or aired on TV. 

    The audio of God's Story (narration, sound effects and music) stands alone. Because of the powerful impact of hearing the Bible in this chronological storytelling format, the audio CDs and cassettes work wonderfully for radio broadcast.  Cassettes of God's Story are ideal for use in primitive situations where screen viewing is not practical or available. 

    Because God's Story: From Creation to Eternity covers many Bible stories, it is versatile to use. It can be viewed either all at once as an 80-minute panorama of the Bible, or in halves, thirds or in 18 individual segments. This flexibility makes it useful for all types of gatherings: cell groups, home studies, Sunday schools, community outreach as well as the aforementioned radio and TV broadcasting. We even have a radio script available which presents God's Story in eight, 15-minute programs.

    Also being fine-tuned is a Discussion Guide which equips new teachers and easily allows them to customize their presentation. They can show and discuss however many of the 18 segments at a time that they feel are suitable for their group.

    Muslims, Buddhists, Spirit worshipers, "cultural Christians," and secular humanists alike are captivated by this foundational presentation of the Gospel.  They should be.  After all...God wrote His Book this way...Jesus too used the chronological approach and storytelling as His way of communicating.  The effectiveness of using this Biblical design is already reaping a great harvest world wide.

    Our Vision to Equip an Evangelist:

Especially after watching the video, thousands of evangelists came by our booth to find out how they could get a copy of God's Story . We took information from the attendees to find out.... 

  •  a. If they wanted to use videos for evangelism, 
     b. If, they needed our help to supply them with videos.)  
        (No selling was done by anyone at the conference.), 
     c. If they had a mailing address and
     d. If they had electricity. 

Utilizing the information we gained, we had a three-fold vision.

  • 1. Praise God we were able, by the kindness of God who sent donors, to ship 5,000, 80-minute cassette tapes of God's Story to Amsterdam.

Imagine: Many who attend this conference do not even have an address or electricity!  The only possibility of getting God's Story into their hands for evangelism to reach the lost and for a discipleship tool was to give them a cassette copy right at the conference.

  • 2. Now , after the conference, we have specific names of evangelists who need help. We are seeking the Lord to send us folks who will "Equip an Evangelist." In many countries we can get a video to the evangelist for only 17 dollars, which includes shipping &  handling overseas.

It will cost more to "Equip a Middle Eastern Evangelist" since shipping a Bible video into a country not favorable to Christianity can be difficult. Regular postal service is not secure, so in these "inhospitable" areas, safer shipping raises the total cost.  For 43 dollars we can cover the video's cost including all shipping expenses. 

With much prayer support, and by the mercy and protection of God, we hope to succeed in delivering thousands of God's Story videos to the extremely dark but fertile regions of the world. 

The beauty of all this is that each video and cassette goes into the hands of an ACTIVE EVANGELIST!  Countless numbers of people will be reached by each God's Story that goes out.

Never in the history of spreading the Gospel has the body of Christ had such a practical opportunity to stand behind front-line evangelists!

We are believing that each God's Story cassette and each God's Story video that gets into the hands of these evangelists will be bathed in prayer by those who fund the gift. The ongoing prayer support of each evangelist would be an example of how the body of Christ truly can support one another. 

  • 3. We also saw the Lord direct us to the special evangelists who travel to very remote areas. The eager light in the eyes of the evangelist's faces when they saw an Evangelist Backpack demonstration moved us to tears. Men from South America, India and Africa told us, "We could reach hundreds of villages using this backpack!" Whether these evangelists reach people living in a village in the jungle, or a tiny settlement reached by foot or bicycle on a cart-rutted dusty road—all saw the value of this tool.

At Amsterdam we found the special group among the evangelists who would be blessed beyond measure to have a VCD player with a pop-up screen to take the Gospel to unreached people. These players can be plugged into a wall socket or run off a car battery. The VCD players can also run several hours on their own batteries or be solar powered. A roomful of people (40 or so) can clearly hear and see God' s Story on this screen.  When connected to a TV, the player works like a VCR, or it can be used with an overhead video projector. 

Our main vision for the VCD players is to place them into the hands of these select evangelists who go far beyond the comfort zone to reach the lost.

Right now we are putting this VCD package together, seeking the most cost effective way to provide evangelists with an Evangelist Backpack which contains a VCD player, a God's Story VCD in the language(s) in which they minister, a portable solar panel and a special battery.

The beauty of this package is this. Since God's Story is an overview of the Bible, the evangelists can not only show use it for evangelism, but also use it as an ongoing teaching tool to illustrate many Bible stories as part of the discipleship of new Christians.

From just one VCD player and God's Story on VCD that were carried into China, whole villages are being reached and large numbers have come to know Jesus.

A Big Surprise

As a last minute addition, we brought along a translation script of God's Story. We thought perhaps we might meet a few people who would want to translate the script into a new language. We thought so very small. The Christians gathered at this conference were the creme de creme of the Christian world. Most of them set aside personal needs daily, even risking their lives to preach about Jesus.
When these evangelists saw even a short portion of the God's Story video they would ask, "Why don't you have it in my language? We learned to smile and say, "That's because you haven't helped us yet."

After hearing about the formidable task of translating the script, and after being told that there was no funding to complete the production, and that this would be a step of faith, they committed in droves to do one, two and even more languages. We returned to our office with over 300 commitments to translate new languages versions of God's Story!

Ours is a fledgling ministry. Up to now all income and donations coming into
God' s Story have gone to support the cost of production and distribution of 25 languages. We have no funds above this. Giving these evangelists hope and allowing them to commit to this kind of work is an awesome responsibility. Won't you stand with us?

Promised Report After The Convention

  • We promised to:
    1. Give a praise report on the convention and an eye-witness account of the evangelist's reaction to their gift of a cassette.
    Click here for exciting letter sent from Amsterdam during meeting.

    2.  Tell exactly how many evangelists need the video tape shipped to them for use in evangelism. [A minimum of 3,000 tapes are needed.]

    3.  Report how many could greatly expand their effectiveness by using the gift of a VCD player package to deliver the Gospel to the "uttermost parts of the earth." [We took requests for about 500 of the Evangelist Backpacks] Click here to read reproducible "After" Amsterdam report

    Please pray for this once in a life time opportunity to "Equip an Evangelist," and give as the Lord leads. 

Your donations are tax deductible and a receipt will be provided to you.

Click here to mail your gift 

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