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Scroll Down for latest reports dated and titled in red. Is there a language project here for which you could specifically pray? Some translations need prayer to overcome obstacles. Our leaders need continued prayer support. (Updated Mar 15)

The Lord gave us at The God's Story Project a challenge. It goes like this...
In Jesus' day a little boy offered his lunch of five loaves and three fishes, and the Lord multiplied it to feed 5,000 men plus women and children.
The Bible says, "Man shall not live by bread alone." We offer our video to the Lord to be multiplied into spiritual food for the over 6,000 languages of the world.
The reports coming in from around the world show us that God is guiding missionaries and national Christian evangelists and teachers to use chronological presentation of the Bible as the most effective way of teaching.
Whether or not a people group has copies of the Scripture in their tongue, or whether or not they can even read the Scriptures—the Old and New Testaments as laid out in the God's Story video can deliver God's message of redemption and hope to them.
Every tongue in the world can be reached as long as there is one person who can translate a twelve-thousand word script and someone who will deliver this storytelling format of the Bible to the people.
Why stop short of this? Please pray and stand with us.

Expanding Translation Clinics: Now God's Story Translation Clinics can do 20 or more languages at a time. Recently 41 languages were done in Ghana, Tanzania, and Uganda. Nigeria will soon have this innovative use of recordist's time. Pray for the language teams on new laguages - for protection and provision.

Oral Bible Schools: Currently 19 Oral Bible Schools are running in Kenya alone. 6 are in session in Philippines., with 2 more starting soon. Pray as they are being started in 6 other countries. Wonderfully the schools are supported locally. Our part at TGSP is to supply small funds for sending instructors to new regions to plant and supply God's Story. Funds are often needed for solar-powered audio "Bibles." Pray for leaders to meet the many requests.

Radio Opportunities: Radio is opening up as an exciting field in interactive Bible study STS style. Pray for those with radio experience to help.

Curriculum Writers: Home schools and Bible schools are requesting curriculum for learning Simply The Story. Someone with curriculum writing skills could greatly multiply the reach of this oral style of learning God's Word. Pray for the right combination of skills.

Home Office Needs: Because of pilot programs in children curriculum and radio broadcasting, an administrator is needed to finish materials for TGSP and STS. Come volunteer to see the value of what is happening worldwide.

Answered Prayer : Regional Directors have been trained in multiplying instructors in their regions. Locally led Simply The Story workshops are being held world wide.

Rapid multiplication in 2009. So far this year God has enabled us to complete 15 new languages of God's Story.

Simply The Story
workshops in 2009 have been done in 16 new countries or new regions within countries. Workshops were done in Zambia, Peru, Guatemala, St. Lucia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Middle East (new country), Hong Kong (the small workshop done in HK Nov 08 led to a March 09 with 7 countries represented among the135 trained there) Japan (July) Ireland, Scotland, UK, Kosovo, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Hundreds more workshops were done in 2009 as well by STS instructors we have trained. Instructors are actively working in many of the 43 countries that have either had workshops done in them or have sent representives to a workshop in another country to learn STS. As well, scores of added countries have asked for STS training. As instructors are trained, and travel funds are gathered, we hope to respond to these invitiations.

Please pray for those who are traveling to areas hostile to Christianity to show God's Story video and to tell the Bible stories. As well please pray for those who are coming to Jesus.

Asia Trip Succeeds: Sept - Nov USA teams, carrying in copies of God's Story on audio players, led workshops in Mongolia, Philippines, Hong Kong and some unnamed countries. Nationals in 10 countries led STS workshops in their own countries. In West Africa 5 workshops were held in 5 new countries. Those trained are going back to teach others. We have an invitation to train leaders of CAPRO, the largest African led missions organization in Africa representing 26 nations. After STS in Uganda the African instructor heard this from attendee Pastor Godfrey Masaba, “I have never in my life memorized five verses of scripture! But because of STS, I was able to do so on 10 verses within 10 minutes, what a powerful tool!” Please pray for our instructors to teach clearly and that this STS spark will light a fire of going back to using God's Word (not men's opinions and preachings) as the anchor of evangelism and discipleship.

Mission Africa Alive Success: Pray for the newly trained leaders now fanning out into 12 different countries carrying God's Story video and audio and the Simply The Story way of using the Bible for evangelism and discipleship.

Africa Alive: In June 160 leaders from over 12 East African nations (as well as from South Africa and Nigeria) converged in Nairobi to be trained in oral strategy. The 3-day African initiated MANI conference on orality featured Sinply The Story. At least 1/4 of these attendees had experienced STS in either a workshop or a vision casting in this past year. Three instructors from the US joined 22 Africans, already trained in STS, to lead this workshop. Afterwards, we hosted a 2nd smaller workshop expressly to train instructors. These county contingents are largely leaders of ministries (some heads of seminaries an Bible schools.) They, by God's grace, have now gone back to train others in their countries.

In August and September 08, workshops were scheduled for West Africa that had attendees from 17 nations. We went to Asia and Philippines in the Fall to share
God's Story and run STS workshops. In 2008 our goal was to lead workshops in new regions, and leave behind STS instructors with the vision and skills to carry on the training in their regions. In 2008 alone workshops were done in 10 states of India, 10 countries of Africa, Thailand, Nepal, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, USA, 3 locations in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Middle East, China, Mongolia and more.

Please pray for the now thousands of literate and non-literate evangelists, leaders and pastors who have been trained in Simply The Story style of oral inductive Bible study. Whole villages in India, Nepal, SEA and Africa are being affected by this practical way to study and share God's Word. Ministries and denominations are incorporating STS into their work.

We Need Prayer for this work to continue unhindered. This report reflects the thousands of responses we are seeing...Even though in Oct we sent a fledgling team of STS instructors that was still learning how to train others, God has greatly honored the STS way of telling and discussion of the stories recorded in His Word. These leaders ask their pastors to tell and teach a new story Sunday in their main churches. Then, during the week, their house church leaders tell and discuss the same story with their nearly 10,000 church members. [This leader shared his stats with us, showing that since October their rate of church growth rose by 50%.]

Afterwards this Mumbai leader wrote, "It was great [again] to receive ministry from your team. All the leaders who attended the STS Training are blessed immensely. The fire of revival has flooded every one of them. Regular practice and application is going on in a big way. By now more than 300 people are trained and twice in a month STS Trainings for down the line leaders is planned. All our Sunday Services and House Churches have switched over to STS method, which means regularly our whole congregation of 9000 plus is getting the taste the goodness of STS. There is great excitement all."

Oct 2007 trip to India and Western Europe to train in Simply the Story in Oct leaders from TGSP set off to India to train Indian leaders in Simply the Story and the use of God's Story. Ministry teams of 22 instructors from 3 countries are converging to train in Goa, New Delhi and Mumbi. The goal is reaching non-literates and oral learners. Tentatively the last leg of the trip will be in Western Europe to a place and people who want to use oral strategies to reach a darkening region of the world. Please pray these trainings come together perfectly as God wills.

In the Past 2 Months, 12 Timothy Church Planter Trainings Were Held in 3 Countries. Please pray for the over 400 graduates, 150 of whom received a solar-powered audio-player formatted with God's Story, 66 told Bible stories and a New Testament in their mother tongues of Swahili, Nepali or Kannada.

One more Simply the Story in USA set for 2007! If you haven't "Experienced STS, we recommend coming to CA for a memorable time of equipping. Sept 10-13th. Email for details At least 4 continents are represented among the attendees and 12 country works. [42 attended and those graduates are now out training others.]

September Consultation for CEOs of Mission Organizations Pray for our director as she, along with other leaders in the movement to reach oral learners using Bible stories, interact with the leaders. [61 ION leaders and mission CEOs met at a 3-day consultation in Orlando at the Campus Crusade facility. A wonderful time of dixcovery took place.]

Current Surge in Production of New Versions! Right now 20 new versions of God's Story are being recorded in Europe, Africa and India. As well, in the next 6 weeks, Simply the Story workshops will be held in nine different countries. Most workshops are being led by nationals who themselves have recently taken on STS. They see it an effective Biblical way to empower believers to learn and teach others.

One leader in Thailand just wrote regarding the STS training he has been doing... "
He [the Holy Spirit as teacher] is already working in a mysterious way and many leaders in China, Myanmar and Thailand have been transformed. They have found the new beginning of lives in Him. They wrote to me this the message they have been preaching and teaching over the years has now become life-changing message. This new message is not only for the congregations of the Church and communities but for themselves as preachers and teachers etc., This new way of transforming message only come from the Word, the inside. Amen! 

We ask you to pray for us at TGSP headquarters and for our national partners as we arrange the recording of the 66 Bible stories in various languages. Jula & Bambara TCPT are soon to begin, to join those being done in Mandarin. Very soon we hope to have in-hand the recorded Swahili, Kannada and Nepali stories so that Timothy Church Planter Training among non-literates in India, Nepal and Africa can begin in earnest.

More Hemet Staff Needed.
Prayers are being answered, thanks to God, for mission organizations to stand with us. The rise of agencies helping TGSP and using God's Story is going up very quickly. Still, home office staff is needed. At the epicenter of TGSP is the shipping, data entry, purchasing, production, correspondence, co-ordination of new languages and oversight of Simply the Story and Timothy Church Planter Training. We need hands here to keep up with this exciting move of God.

Storytelling and Interactive Inductive Bible Study, Oral Style

We have Godly dependable volunteer TGSP staff members world wide. They are being called on to lead Simply the Story workshops, record 66 Bible stories for Timothy Church Planter Training and to continue to orchestrate and record new language versions of God's Story.

Recently we have experienced a rise in the number of leaders in mission organizations who want to work with us, for which we are grateful to God. Please pray that added responsible helpers and leaders in mission organizations will come along side to help complete the tasks and utilize these tools.

World Changing Inaguration
! (See Bible At Last for results.) Early in January 2007, 35 of the Masaai and Komba people will be the first to participate in Timothy Church Planter Training. All attendees will be non-literate Christian pastors, church planters and evangelists! Each will learn the Simply the Story method of teaching the Bible. STS is telling pure Bible stories (nothing added, nothng left out) then finding the spiritual treasures they contain and formulating and asking discussion questions to lead people to those treasures. Graduates receive the gift of a hand-held solar-powered audio-player that holds Swahili God's Story, 66 Old Testament stories and the New Testament.

Additionaly 2,500 literate Kenyan pastors are set to be trained in STS. Already Simply the Storyt is empowering pastors and evangelists in the USA, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Expanding Tools Call for Partnership and Prayer! Our 5 Asian country 42-day vision casting trip opened up evangelism and discipleship results like nothing in world history. How can we say this? The Word of God is our Sword. Our newly inauguarated Timothy Church Planter Training puts the stories of the Bible, told in people's mother tongues, on solar audio players.

Now the non-literates and oral communicators who make up the vast majority of the unreached can study the Word of God, be taught by the Holy Spirit and deliver life giving truth to their own people. The TCPT teaches by demonstration the method of inductive Bible story "oral" style!

Please pray for those formatting this new concept to employ God's wisdom, and for many added ministries and mission organizations to join as a body to help lead and utilize the TCPT.

Increased Blessings Call for Increased Hands: Please pray for key leaders to join us from countries in Africa and states inside India that are not yet active in TGSP. Also we need a few more key staffers for CA office who are good in administration and video production. (Note: All us TGSP staffers world-wide are self supported volunteers.)

Breakthrough:We now format God's Story onto solar-powered, hand-held audio players. As the players make it into the hands of indignious evangelists and church planters, the responses fly back to us. Families come to Jesus and then take the player to another family and they are saved. Considering 50 at once can hear God's Story in their mother tongue, this great impact is no surprise. Well-known leader in North India Dr. Alex Abraham stated, "I have waited for this 40 years!" We need sponsors to supply these players and hands to carry them in to strategic locations.

Next orality conference will be in Nov in Colorado Springs. See The content of God's Story, and the vision of TGSP, dovetails with the vision of the International Orality Network (ION) which is a network of missions organizations. We serve as part of their leadership that hosted the 4th ION conference titled "A story for the Nations: Making Disciples of Oral Learners," in CA, USA September 2005.

Would an oral learner (who is one of the 80% of the population in the USA who cannot read or does not prefer to read) be comfortable in your church? If the answer is "no," do come. Invite your pastor and church leaders to come as well so together you can discover what many North American pastors and leaders are doing to reach the oral communicators of the USA!

Beyond that, those interested in using the most effect methods of evangelism and discipleship on the mission field will discover pure gold at this conference. We can promise all who attend an array of very informative plenary speakers and fascinating workshops.

Safety: As more languages being produced for use in Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and Spiritist dominated areas, we need to pray for the faithful evangelists who go village to village showing the movie that brings light.

Supply: The number of new languages being translated and recorded by our national partners continues to rise. As missionaries and nationals see and experience first hand the impact of God's Story in local languages, they are adding to the teams of partners preparing new language versions. God has faithfully supplied. We need prayer for added supply to cover the recordings soon to arrive.

Africa, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan & SEA: Soon we hope to have our Flip Charts printed for use in third world countries. The 150 pictures from God's Story can be shown as evangelists story-tell through the Bible or the pages turned as villagers hear God's Story played on cassette tape. Sponsor tape players and / or flip charts.
Low Cost-High Yield!

USA: Still a need! We continue to seek God for missions-minded volunteers who can devote 3 months or more of their time at our Southern CA headquarters. Our office is the epicenter of information, production and distribution of the amazing evangelistic tool, God's Story. Christians with office and business backgrounds and data entry or missions experience are needed. Email for further details.

India:We completed a trip to North India due to an invitation from leaders and church planters. They had experienced the effectiveness of God's Story in Hindi and wanted to know how to partner with us on added languages. New teams born out of the training are beginning translation on new versions for the unreached tribals of the northern states. We warned these new language partners that those who take on this project always experience great opposition. Please pray for these team of translators and for the narrators they select.

Location Undisclosed: 2nd Flash!!! The version is completed and in use. The hard ground of Buddhists' hearts is being penetrated and they are coming to faith quickly. Flash! one month after this request was posted, on the 7th try, Tibetan was recorded. Please continue to pray for the production phase and then the distribution of this strategic language. 5 times our team has tried and failed to record Tibetan! Obstacles such as equipment failure (it resumed working after the narrator had to go back home.), the narrator losing his voice for the week he came back tobe recorded.

Afganistan: [Another update on the update! Dari is completed now! and the Pashto is back on the translatio track] [UPdate on the earlier request below... No word yet on the Dari []and the translator for the Pashto has suddenly been taken ill and according to the doctors will be out for at least 3 months. Please contine to pray.]

After four years of false starts and dead ends, we expect to have copies of Dari available within in a month or so. Thank you for your prayers on this one. We have great hopes of Pashto coming soon afterwards. Please keep in prayer the final completion, distribution and ultimate impact of these two versions.

DVD: We hope to have God's Story available soon on DVD and in MPEG3 formats. Each disc will offer multiple languages. We ask for God's direction and wisdom on the decisions being made on these two projects.

Covering the World: We are drawing up plans for major training seminars in at least six key places in the world. We plan to visit one key place at a time to train hundreds of national orchestrators, translators and recordists. By training hundreds of leaders, thus spreading the work among many, we hope to see multiplied hundreds of languages come into existence very quickly. The adversary will try to stop us. We need your prayers more than ever!

Due to the sensitive nature of the areas we plan to cover, our training forays will be described after we return. Please do pray for our current trip. It could birth hundreds of languages to reach multiplied millions who currently live in the dark. God knows the details, please ask him to protect, guide and anoint our staff, and the nationals with whom we work.
Prayer results: A trip was made to India in Oct 2003 and was an overwhelming success. We trained team of 29 recordists, left 10 recording units throughout India and Nepal and set up final adminstration for all India and Nepal. Second trip to North India in 4/04 completed the training. Now national leaders can carry on the new language and distribution process.

As a resut of the South India trip and training seminar, multiple languages are now in some phase of translation or recording. Many nationals are stepping forward and sacrifically giving of their time and talents to bring these new language versions into existance. These believers need prayer support for wisdom and for time to do this exacting work.
One of our newly trained hard-working Indian leaders just wrote us saying..."It took 11days to do the whole recording but 11days are spread over two months.
Anyway GOD has helped alot in our recording. i learned many technics and i found while i was recording.I thank LORD for HIS wisdom HE gave.
i am also on another language "Erukula" which is used by professional thiefs here.
they are the people with no transcription or written language.
Muniyappa [Our India Director] and myself visited their place and interacted with them. they almost bursted into tears when we told we wanna to so the movie in their language.
they really touched by the decision and this is the first instance in History that people are trying to honour their language."
[FYI There are 300,000 Eukula (Yerukula) speakers living in the state of Andhra Pradesh and neighboring states as well. They are nomadic.]

(See Current Praise for a report on our India trip.) Now, as a result of this first one of our seminar trips, hundreds of languages are being orchestrated and translated. So far, a few of these are are funded. This work is not easy, and there will be many attacks by the enemy. Please pray for the funding of each new language as it comes time for production. Also ask for protection and wisdom for the partners. In India, this land of 1.2 Billion, hundreds of millions who may never read a Bible soon will be able to hear and see the Gospel as revealed in the Bible through God's Story.

We contine to need prayer for a few more staff members at our California USA headquarters. Just a few people who have office and computer skills, and who would be prepared to face the warfare and enjoy the daily blessing of being part of the center for this world outreach would do the job.

We asked for prayer in Nov for numerous up-coming recordings in progress. About 1/3 met with success. The rest are still in process, experiencing some kind of difficulty. Please contine to pray (we asked in Feb) for these recordings and specifically for the completion of Cantonese, Yao, Done 6/04 Bemba, Done 6/04 Tonga, Done 5/04 ASL, Hatian Creole, Swahili, Telugu Done 4/04 and Tamil.

June, 2003 we are seeing great progress on all the above except ASL, Hatian Creole and Swahili.

June 2004...The ASL is almost completed and we hope to see the Haitian Creole in August! Tamil and Malayam recordings failed on 4th try, scheduled again for July 2004.

Over fifteen vital languages (with evangelist ready to use them) are scheduled for recording in November. Some are in restricted areas that we can't list are having problems. We have scheduled Tamil, Telugu and Kannada for Southern India to be done in February. Five for North India were ready but the scripts were lost and had to be done again. Four in Nigeria [two are done and two had recording glitches and have to be redone. Three in East Africa are ready but a recorder has to be hand carried in by suitable operator. Please pray for sessions, the narrators, directors and the technitions. Many of these people groups have less than 3% Christians in them.
Nearly half of the recorded languages that come to us have to go back for more work. These problems slow the delivery of the Gospel, are very labor intensive and expensive.

Afganistan. Still need prayer on these. They didn't make 2002: DARI /PASHTO
An experienced translation group has agreed to partner with The God's Story Project to complete these two vital languages, but certainly they need our prayers. We hope to see these completed in 2002. We do not yet have the funding for the work, but we believe this is the BEST foreign aid we can supply to the devastated Afganis!

Nepal Still need funding on these: The reports coming back of salvations from the use of the newly completed Nepali God's Story version are astounding! FIVE more new recorded languages of Nepal and surrounding regions will soon arrive at our USA studio for final production. Only one is funded. Each of these people groups have little or no Scripture in their language and are considered "unreached." We have evangelists ready to use GS to reach them as soon as it is ready. Could you or your church sponsor one of these four?

Latest Requests: We still desperately need staff at our Southern California headquarters. Are there some tentmakers out there (or a few folks who only need a small salary to supplement their "stash") who are at least a little bit computer literate and can multitask? The challenges and the rewards here are huge, but spiritual maturity and ability to cover a lot of bases efficiently is mandatory. Write for more information and please tell us a little about yourself in your letter.

New versions: In addition to the 10 languages in Nigeria that have begun the recording phase, 10 other new language versions of GS are right now being recorded and produced. These include Cebuano and Tagalog which have long been requested. Please pray for us as we encounter ongoing obstacles in these processes. 

We are not quite to the place of having our backs to the Red Sea and of seeing the Egyptians coming, but it is getting close to that! Faithful national evangelists are completing scores of diverse languages of their regions, and now we need to send multitracker mini-disc machines to them to record or help transport them to one of the eight regional TGSP recording centers. This takes money.
Other languages, such as Cambodian and Nepali, need the funds to pay the studio for its work so we can get the new language videos duplicated and the masters into the hands of the front-line workers who will be distributing them.
Wonderfully the Lord is helping us to set up recording centers in various countries to record the languages as they are translated. We now have (or soon will have) centers with multi-tracker mini-disc machines or partnering studios in Nepal, Romania, Zimbabwe, North India, Calcutta, Kenya and Nigeria. Each will be orchestrating the translation of multiple languages for their counties and for neighboring countries. Please pray regularly for the leaders each center as the attacks against them, the machinery and the staff, and for favor with their local governments.

NEPALI is recorded and the masters are delivered! Read the letter below that we got from Nepal, exactly as it came to us to feel the excitement of the evangelists who will be risking their lives by going to unreached of Nepal delivering the Gospel via God's Story. One man who is involved with GS there has already been called to appear before officials to be either reprimanded, loose his citizenship or be tortured.

"Dear Madam,
Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ the coming King !
To day we have seen the video God's Story and we like it. It is a simple video film and people will like it. And with the short time people will come to know about the bible and its story. It tells about why Christ came in this world and why he have to dei for us and how we became sinners?.
Let me tell you that in Nepal we have lots of people who never been in Schools and they can't read Bible and most of them don't know all the story of the bible. This film will give clear picture about the sin, reason of Jesus coming in this world and second coming of Jesus Christ. And this is
very good film for the non christians [Hindu].

"I got this video film in LA during my visit in USA on 29th of Sept'00 , where I had meeting in LA. One of gentleman who was in that meeting gave me this video to see and think about it.

"God willing ,we would like to dubbed in our Nepali language and wants to us it for our ministry. As well we would like to make several of copy of it and we will encourage our people to use it to reach out the Hindu people.
Please kindly help us to know about it. Thank you !

Yours in His service
National Director
Nepal YFC

AFRICA-Nigeria & Kenya As a direct result of evangelists and pastors we met at Amsterdam, 15 languages are translated or will soon be completed. We need the funds to do this. Some of the tribes who will be able to see and hear the Bible in their heart languages are virtually unreached!

We are praying that a few churches will get the vision to fund some of these languages and that their members will take existing GS languages verions and translation packages with them on ministry trips. Then, when the new language versions are competed, these supporting partners can carry in the new masters and be part of some movie premiers that will be greater and vastly more important than any extravaganza Hollywood has ever hosted! Some day the hoopla about Gone With the Wind will be gone, but the Wind and the Fire of the Holy Spirit reaching the hearts of the lost for eternal salvation via God's Story will be the heavenly box-office hit for ever!


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