Exciting reports of changed lives from viewing the God's Story video
come to us from around the world.
Web responses, leading to added languages translation and distribution, continue to increase.


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Often our Praise page leaves out people's names and the specific countries. We do this so that we do not jeopardize the on-going work in areas hostile to Christianity. Getting specific results back from these places about the impact of the God’s Story video can only be done when a traveler can bring out the information.
Wonderfully, as more videos go out, the praise reports continue to mount.

(Recent praise reports in red titles. Scroll down for earlier praise reports.)
 RECENT PRAISE REPORTS WORLD-WIDE: Click for amazing Ten-Year story

We received this note from South East Asia. "I had given God's Story to this pastor on the MegaVoice solar audio player in December.  In his first playing, 3 adults came to Christ while other current believers repented for many things.  He continues to use the MV each week as people are still being encouraged and growing through TGSP.  Now, as you see, we gave him the video and a projector to play God's Story for many hundreds."

Feedback from a Middle East Simply The Story workshop...A participant from the Coptic Orthodox Church, used the STS technique in his youth group, and said, “Since I started using this method, the response has been amazing.”   The pastor of an Amharic language congregation said, “STS changed my style of teaching Scripture to my congregation.”   Another person said, “It has affected my daily meditation.” Still another said, “I always found it difficult to memorize Scripture. Now I learned how to remember the exact words in a Bible story easily.”  One innovative participant even shared a story in an online chat room and 25 people joined in. Some of these amazing pastors serve as exiles away from their homeland.   Read down to see why a pastor said..."Instead of leading my mother to Christ, I wept and put her to sleep."  

Out of our little "headquarters" so far this year we have seen
12 new versions of God's Story completed and 6 more were produced and are waiting for final approval.  On top of that, our USA teams just led Simply The Story workshops in 2 places in the Middle East, Cambodia, Hong Kong, two locations in the Philippines, Guatemala, Peru and two in USA.  We leave for Louisiana tomorrow and a team leaves in a few days for St.Lucia and another for UK, Ireland, Scotland and Kosovo.   In case you (or someone you know) wants information on ongong Europe workshops, contact Bryan bt4jc@mac.com.

As I write this we are praying for help in Europe since one of the main instructors just emailed about a family emergency and told us to go without him.  Oh NO!  On the 2nd of May the team of 6 splits and goes in 3 directions by twos to separate countries.  One alone cannot do the training.  Hum???  Shall we say to our God, "You brought us out into the wilderness to die."  No! He is able.  Please pray for this situation.   [update on this request. Teh instructor's wife used a sotry ot witness to the instigator of th eemergeny and he got saved!]

Overseas teams leave for Calcutta and Bangladesh, while yet others are training now in Zambia and then go on to DR of Congo.  These instructors need a lot of prayer as political and religious upheavals are currently taking place in most of these regions.  Workshops continue to be run in locations where STS is firmly planted. See
www.SimplyTheStory.com for some of the workshops coming up AND check the home page link for amazing video, "Dallas Theological Seminary Graduate, PhD BIOLA, & career missionary gives view on STS."

But what is being accomplished?  Besides all of us being stretched spiritually and physically, here are sample of responses to God's Word in God's Story and Simply the Story training.   

A USA missionary led a man Senegalese man to the Lord. After some discipleship, and more recently exposing the African convert to the STS way of witnessing using Bible stories, this happened.  "...more details about the new converts in Senegal. Three of them were Catholic and two of them were Muslims. In the original e-mail, J P mentioned 10 people, so I'm assuming the other 5 were either animists or family members.  Still, new conversions are very rare among the Senegalese, especially among the Muslims.

"J P told me that they used the stories of Jesus walking on the water and Jesus turning the water into wine--two of my favorites!  I think I mentioned these stories to him in advance.  He said that when the people heard these stories they realized that our God is the true God."

New Zealand:
  "At the moment I am teaching a busy mum to use storytelling to her young family of 4 to teach them the Word of God. It has been amazing when I have used  STS how my group members have said they can't stop thinking about the Bible story all week! How much more will impressionable children learn God's word this way.   "We continue to distribute the G.S DVD/VCD when ever possible. Even though the DVDs/VCD are not going out in large numbers it is so encouraging to have them going out in a steady trickle all over New Zealand."  

Hong Kong:  [110 attendees from 7 countries were just trained, many of whom are cell and house church leaders.] "Yoshi a youth pastor from Japan shared the first day how the Martha/Mary touched him. He said, "In Japanpeople make group decisions, but it touched me that Martha and Mary both made individual decisions."

Cynthia shared the first day (from another story) that she was amazed at the fact that even though the leper was unclean, Jesus STILL had compassion. This sparked good discussion."  

Laos: "i was asked to share God's word in an international church and of course i used sts about Martha and Mary, you know because we did enjoy discussions and the spiritual treasures that we discovered we didn't noticed that we talked almost two hours and they don't want to stop!"  

Mostly Muslim Country:  A 17-year old girl from a remote tribal group came to our STS workshop.  She is the first believer among her people. Shy at first, she soon became bold.  "This is for us!   "I can understand the Bible now and I can go back and share these stories and talk about them.  My people will listen."   

USA:  We showed God's Story at MGC this Wednesday, with only 2 days of notice, and using only flyers as advertising. We had 15 students and 5 adults attend, which I thought was very good for the amount of advertising we had! They listened very attentively and thanked us for showing it. No obvious results yet, but the day after we showed it they were still thanking us."

USA: "All I can say is, I've been spoiled for the ordinary following learning STS--I can't help it! When I sit in a service now, I'm taking
the passage that's been read aloud and begun an internal dialogue, asking questions and gleaning sweet morsels to take home with me! I like it a lot!"

"I have always been taught that God only heals today if it is for the furtherance of the Gospel.  I listened to the Story4All podcast [programs 45-46] and knew I had to come learn about how to really listen to the Bible and how to learn and tell a story. I heard the One Leper story on th epod cast .  Finly in the workshop Irealied that Jesus had compassion on the leper and touched him and then Jesus healed the leper and told him NOT to tell anyone what had happened but to go tell the priests.  I saw that Jesus had compassion and healed, and it was not for witnessing, so I asked God to heal my back.  I have had pain for 20 years and could not bend without pain.  Look! I can bend. I have no pain!"  Keith Jackson  

"The overseer of the denomination called Glory Tabernacle stood in front of the group with tears in His eye. He said that he had been trying for three years to talk to his mother, who is 89 years about Christ. It had been practically impossible for him to even relate a verse as concentration was very difficult for the aging mother. "This time he went home after the third day of training, and that was just after learning about the story of Jonah. He went and just sat at the bed side of the mother. He told the story slowly. After going half way the story, and as he was trying to emphasize on Jonah going to Tarshish, he looked at his mother and was surprised at the face. She was following the story. When he got to the end of the story, the mother said, “so going to TARSHISH IS RUNNING AWAY FROM GOD, I have run away too. Can I come back?

"He said that instead of leading the mother to Christ, he wept and put her to sleep. He asked us to pray for courage as it was difficult for him to see such a time he longed for the whole of his ministry to see his mother come to Christ. He looked at me and said, WHERE WERE YOU? MAY BE MY FATHER WOULD HAVE ALSO RECEIVED CHRIST BEFORE DEATH. He whispered and said ‘simply a story’ He came back the following day with the news that his mother received Christ."

Zambia:  "The people were very moved by the presentation that was made on this story, because the man with a withered hand in the story was played by a real man with a real withered hand. At the end of the story, the man (with real withered hand who played the withered hand in the story), stood up and said ‘this will remain true of my hand, I will do all I could not do with this hand from now on’. He then moved on and picked a chair using the same hand and shouted ‘it is working, it is working’. There were tears in the hall. This is real in my head even as I write. We’ve just closed the meeting as am writing and the man is reading what I’m sending to you before I leave tonight. I wanted him to know that other people have been praying for the meeting. "

"I was resting in my room after the training on Thursday, just after the story of the withered hand. A pastor came into my room and said ‘sir do you have gifts of healing? I said why? He said ‘that man was healed during the story’. I said ‘oh’. Then he said ‘should we be picking people with real issues in the church to do stories?’ I said NO. That man volunteered. I said, storytelling is about the Bible stories, the bible is alive, and God is still working, but please don’t use story telling for anything else other than just bringing the truth out of the word of God. Leave everything else to God.

Guatemala:  After a workshop, students at a Bible school gave their view of STS.  "To study thoroughly”--- “God's word is not boring”---“a lot more than I knew before”---“how to tell a story in Spanish and in my dialect” [The Bible school's professor said this last student comment has been his prayer]....“I learned how to use the story first in application to my life.”

The students wrote how they plan to use what they learned---“to help others know what God did in those times”---"to help people who have not had the opportunity I have had (to learn the Bible stories)”---“to tell those unreached to Christ”

"God gave me the opportunity this morning to tell a story to a drunk where all the buses depart and even if he could not appreciate it the lady serving the breakfast I bought him and her other patrons heard it."

The students quickly went to the streets and the local hospital to tell a story from the Bible. Some told family back home over the phone. The school director said, "I plan for the students to story God's word with inductive questions in the daily chapel times."

Cambodia:  Sue S., who has been in ministry in Kampong Thom witnessed, use of some players [MegaVoice solar-powered audio-players formatted with God's Story in Khmer]  "These were given in local areas immediately around town. She said "it's the most effective thing I've seen."

  "My friends expressed that they found it possible to share the gospel to superiors with them, as they are too shy to speak to anyone older than them (including especially their parents) in this hierarchical culture, to any result. They said the MVs were different, as people listened to those."   One person chronicling the MV use reported, "They had tried taking it apart to use the solar panel for something else, but after failing at that, decided it was useful for what it was designed for. Actually, this was a theme for all the ones Dave distributed so he started making a joke about it, accusing people before they said anything.  In every case they admitted to it!"   "The most excited recipient of all. We initially gave him two and he wore them out trying to pass them around to about twelve different house churches. He begged us for more, and we didn't have them yet so my friend told him to pray for them. We eventually gave them five more.   "Man with MV wasn't home when I went back to see him, but he arrived from working in the fields shortly after I came. I asked him about the megavoice player, and he pulled it out of his pocket! He'd been listening to it while working. This was almost a year after I gave it to him."

   [From a national who ministers among Muslims.] "The 18 students that i am teaching on STS were so amaze of the dynamics of the methods. infact i got more people everyday to learn the skills. the 18 students are preparing themselves to do cross cultural mission with in 10/40 windows."  

India: "In the last month there was a girl came with the problem of leg pain ,her name is S kupta, not able to walk and her parents took her to all the hospital at last they brought to church. Praise God, God worked while I shared about the story of the woman who had the problem of 12 years she touched to Jesus cloth she healed. The story repeated several time by asking question so she understood the part of touch. She trusted to touch Jesus, Because of that God Healed her. Praise the Lord  “share the story, save the soul”   Please pray for those who see and hear God's Story that they will come to know Jesus, and for the teams world wide producing new language versions and that are training others in STS.  

Thanks for your prayers, encouragement and support.  We are grateful to you.  Ultimately we praise and thank our God as He continues to honor the use of His Word in God's Story and Simply The Story.   

End of 08 Fire Harvest! Report Just in From India!
"As our pastors and church planters are witnessing previously they use to go to villages with carryin so many Tracts, New Testaments, and other spiritual books to distribute and share the Gospel by that time opposition people come and persicute and burn tracts,  books,and then beat and send them out of the village they were not able to win the single soul It was happened so many times.

"But now they are telling by using this story telling method, step by step the Holy Spirit convincing every ones heart of those who are hearing the story.This story telling method is like fire, previousely religious people use to burn Tracts and Spiritual books but now time has been changed the method what we are using in the story telling it is burning their evil hearts and purify it not only that it will spread like fire in the forrest, through out the village the story will spread and convincing their hearts and now volunterly they are comming to us for prayer. These testimonies i am getting from all pastors and church planters."

ASIA: "... Already, 20 More Muslims."

In Asia a group of church planters works among a Muslim people group of 15 million people. There are only 50 known believers. These planters started with just eight solar players, and soon sent this astounding report...

"Greetings! Three teams went out to three cities and twenty villages doing community health work. While ministering to health needs of people that came, they played the audio of God’s Story and the Story of Jesus. As a result over the past two months, already, 20 more Muslims from this unreached people group came to Christ! Workers say, ‘Solar players are a powerful tool us. People listen to the audio messages, take in the stories, and open their hearts for Christ.’ The response to this Scripture in audio has led to the planting of 4 new churches right there among these Muslims in this region! These are results from just 8 players. They are asking for more."

VENEZUELA: "What I want! What I want."

"...today was first day of clinics & evangelism, BUT have met the Pastor Javier who has discipled all the men, who in turn have started missions, then tiny churches. He is a humble, gentle man, sick with kidney disease, yet never stops. I told him 2 times that I had a gift for him. When I gave him the solar powered audio player with God’s Story, Jesus Film and New Testament on it in Spanish. The man cried. He wants to teach others to use it. He is so excited, "What I want! What I want!" He prayed long to the Lord thanking Him for this precious gift.

"Javier’s disciple, Pastor Erwin, who now has own disciples, got a player too He was just THANKFUL that is all I can say. He could not express himself enough as to his thanks, saying "This is so useful. Thank you. Thank you." He works 2 jobs...has a 2 yr old church plant, 6 leaders, 3 are teens, he is so poor and the drug lords are here. This gift from God through you and the donors, is going to bring fruit. Love to you and all. Nancy"

INDIA: "From 11 to 200"

Nepalese Church Planters (CP) work among the 8-9 million Hindu Nepalese in India. Two of our TGSP leaders trained 140 of them in STS. One of the CP who attended the STS training had a congregation of eleven after a long time of working in North India Six months after the STS training he now has 200 attending that one church. At last they understood God’s message.

"Everyone Started to Win Souls"

"Our Risen Lord is doing mighty works through out India through TGSP; yesterday one pastor called me from Punjab and told that 38 people came to the Lord after he learned STS method in Punjab Bible College during Graduation time."

"All 40 students who graduated started to use this method in their ministry, these all young and dynamic servants are in the field and serving the Lord. Supervisor of the college was sharing that every one started to win more souls then before because it is very simple and 100% Biblical. More than 200 people came to the Lord through their ministry in Kashmir, Ludiyana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. Let all honor and glory to Him alone."

Now I can sleep without tension"

After the Dec STS training in Orissa, 4 pastors continued their prison ministry. "Before learning to tell Bible stories STS way we have little interest and few converts. Now we have 10 cell churches inside and from 400 prisoners, 200 come to church. The Hindu warden told, ‘the prisoners are changed so now I sleep without tension.’"

for newly 66 recorded Bible stories for Timothy Church Planter Training. Nepali, Kannada and Swahili are done! TCPT is now being taught and more are set in 14 locations in 4 countries!

"Amazing Reports on Each Stop"

Bramuel, our TGSP East Africa Director, returned from a 54-day, 4-country West Africa journey. He arranged new language versions of God’s Story. He went on the road for 30 days to lead 5 Simply the Story workshops but by God’s direction stayed 24 more days and lead 10 workshops! Amazing reports on each stop can be seen at www.gods-story-org/wafricasts.htm

Nigeria "...my flags would fill up the country."

"We have rural evangelists and high profile city pastors. They’re all amazed at the simplicity of looking at the story and finding deep teachings without hovering around the whole Bible to justify one point. Pastors and Reverends (even some with PhDs) melted down at this new STS revelation. By the end of the first day (yesterday), we had to have some serious prayer time.

"I did the first Moses story to them [Exodus 17:1-6] as an introduction to STS and we had to stop and pray (repentance time). One pastor said, "if God was putting a Massah and Meribah flag behind me like it happened for the children of Israel, Nigerians would have to find another country to go to because my flags would fill up the country..." Another one said "..I think I would have more than yours..." People started praying.

"God has really broken people here am just amazed. One man with a PhD (his title is Rev. Dr...), he's embraced it so well that he's looking like a possible trainer. He said "now I know, the secret is to lay aside what the methods I've been holding on to and just look at the story as it is written."

"Another senior pastor overseeing several churches said, "You have brought a challenge to Nigeria, I'm going to gather all my pastors from all the branches and tell them, 'am sorry we have been wrong in our approach that’s why we don’t see significant maturity amongst our members..."

"Call to Macedonia" While Andrea Menkin our International Technical Director went on a 30 day trip to Kenya, Mozambique and South Africa to train new recordists and lead STS workshops, she literally received the "call to Macedonia" (to record Romani for gypsies). She ended up adding Amsterdam, Macedonia, India and Sri Lanka to the trip as well and was gone 45 days. She returned to face 30 new versions waiting for production! Yes! She needs help at the studio!!!

"Raise Up Next Generation of Leaders"

While on an eight hour layover in Mumbai, Jacob & Eva hosted Andrea. In 16 years this wonderful couple, highly respected leaders in India, have planted over 1,100 churches in the slums of Mumbai (the largest slum in the world holding over 9 million people!) Jacob wrote....

"The story's Andrea told us and the way she articulates and develops each story is great and will help us to raise up leaders which can effectively disciple new believers and also raise up next generation of leaders. Eva and I are fully convinced that we need to train master trainers --who in turn will train in an ongoing way new and upcoming leadership."

PRAISE : Religious Bondages Broken. Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims & Cultural

Buddhists Believe -- Recently an incredible report from the use of just one solar-powered audio-player came from a Buddhist dominated country. An evangelist played God's Story for a Buddhist monk in his mother tongue. The monk said, "I must have this story." Surprisingly, the evangelist handed over his precious tool to the monk. Later the monk reported, "I played the
story over our PA system in the monastery. Afterwards 30 of our monks said, 'Now we don't want to worship before which we worship, but now we want to worship a new God.'"

In this same country a visiting leader reported using a DVD player. "All is going well. I used the "God Story" today at a Bible College. Forty students sat spell bound for an hour. It is very effective."

Hindus Respond --
For the first time ever in Nepal, the national radio station started allowing Christian programming. Already from this one hour weekly broadcast, over 500 listeners have written and asked for the "free VCD of the Bible."

One recipient of this free God's Story, a former Hindu, wrote to the program director in Nepali and this is the translation. "Today the world is torched with sin injustice, and my area is not also out of it. But as I heard 'Message of Hope,' new hope birthed in my heart. Thinking whether the Lord Jesus is watching this sin and injustice? If He is watching maybe my area will be cleansed out of sin. We together pray (in a group) for this. We are now committed to be His disciples.

Please send us more books and VCDs in Nepali so that we will form groups and go tell the villages about Jesus. (Our group name is, 'Group that disseminate Jesus Gospel.')"

Muslims Eavesdrop
--One man in Bangladesh walks down the street with a solar player in his pocket that is playing God's Story. People follow him just to listen. Another man in a Muslim country rides public transportation that has TV monitors. When able he offers a free movie to the drivers. Travelers are then able to sneak a peek at God's Story as they commute.

Cultural Christians Converted
(Those who think they are Christians, but who have no biblical idea of what makes one a believer.) Evangelists in Zambia received donated audio players with Bemba, Luvale and Tonga God's Story in them. They reported, "Scores of people in one village came to hear the NEWS and many of them accepted Jesus as the Savior and made a commitment to live for him. Praise God one of those in the Crown was a Church Elder of one Protestant Church Organization. I was told the "Elder" even confessed that he had been an "Elder" for some years without knowing the true Gospel which saves. He was now 'a new creation' for Jesus."

Each new God's Story language comes from a sacrificial team that translates and narrates their mother tongue. Each person, each language has a fascinating story. From just these newly completed versions, we expect millions to hear the Gospel for the first time. We know that as people hear these Bible stories in their mother tongues, the volume of salvation responses among people in all kinds of bondage is staggering! From the first temptation of mankind in the Garden of Eden Satan has tried to fight God's Word. He is still at it. The pressures and attacks on the producers and users of God's Story are relentless. Each new language team and the users need our prayer support.

The response to the expansions of God's Story (Simply the Story and Timothy Church Planter Training) looks like a wild fire set off by a spark.

The first TCPT ever took place is Kenya. The Nepali co-instructor taught Bible stories to illiterate villagers. "I taught stories and asked questions of men who were wealthy if they owned a pot, and they got it! I really see how God's Word this way is for everyone."

"Praise God for the Bible stories. Even though they do not know any thing about Bible or about the Creator God but they understood the each story and I have asked short questions so that they can repeat the story which they have listened, many of them told the story 80 to 90% perfect way (Hindus). Praise God, there was a big group of people gathered to listen and to participate in the Story telling session we did not count the people who received Christ as their personal Saviour. I pray and believe that more then 20 people received Christ. Let all honor and glory to Him alone."

Three USA Pastors Just Discovered STS:

1. A church leader who attended STS workshop took the concept back and demonstrated it to his Bible study class. His pastor wrote him this note. "I want to tell you how blessed and excited I am about Simply the Story. By executive order (and approved by the elders) I am moving that it become our 'teacher training' for all age groups. I can envision all the classes being taught by regular people right out of the Scriptures! It is simple and revolutionary. So, I guess this means that you will have to be ready to teach this often."

2. After attending a STS workshop, a church member shared a story with herpastor and gave him the STS document. The pastor initiated a new neighborhood "smoker friendly" Bible study. Her pastor uses the STS way of presenting the Bible. The story started with 4 people and has already grown to 14. "Most are new believers, some coming out of cults and a few are just neighbors seeking. Best of all," the pastor reported, "I am overhearing conversation during breaks where the class members are discussing the applications in the story."

3. Another pastor who attended a STS workshop told us, "We are taking a look at all of our children's curriculum. We want to clearly communicate the Bible at an early age. One adult class will be using this too to see how it impacts the people."

Leaders in the USA continue to discover that many people even in the USA cannot or do not read. To evangelize and disciple these people, Scripture needs to be understood! Use of God's Story and STS helps pastors and teachers communicate to all. We need wisdom to effectively and efficiently share STS.

Leaders in the USA continue to discover that many people even in the USA cannot or do not read. To evangelize and disciple these people, Scripture needs to be understood! Use of God's Story and STS helps pastors and teachers communicate to all. We need wisdom to effectively and efficiently share STS. Our overseas trainers as well need strong prayer support as national Christian leaders are coming back to the Bible through these trainings.

We are preparing for our forth coming baptism service. We have chosen the date of it is: June 20 and 21. There are 200+ genuine converts from non-Xian background. Praise God for these precious souls. Difficult to go to remote villages so we are preparing a baptism tank in our compound itself.

FROM ASIA: First two Buddhists monks living inside a monastery saw God's Story and accepted Jesus. Then they used GS to lead three more inside to salvation!

ISLAM REPORT: "I shared about G.S. film and I took 10 minutes explain from creation to eternity and we showed the film in Kannada. "It was heart-moving time because many were crying and weeping because they did not hear about the savior.

One Muslim brother Mohammed about 60 years old (He is secretary of a masque near that village, where we have conducted this engagement) said Pastor 'Now I know the truth, Our people says Christianity is false religion that is wrong, I thank God for Jesus Christ (yesu messi), who died and rose again for us and now we are free from bandage through accepting Him as our personal savior.'"

MIDDLE EAST: "In early November I went out with some local believers to visit some nomadic families and show "God's Story" and the Jesus Film. One Muslim family with whom we've been especially close was excited to see the films. On our first visit that week, we showed the family "God's Story" in their own language, and made plans to return a couple of days later to show the "Jesus Film." On that first visit the father, Hasim, was there and saw "God's Story." He expected to be there when we returned to see the Jesus Film, but had to go into town that day. His family saw the "Jesus Film," but Hasim didn't. At the time, we didn't know we'd never see him again.

"Two weeks later, while back in the city, I received a message from the man's niece. Hasim had died unexpectedly. We attend his wake and helped his family out that week. We were blessed to be able to be close to the family and provide some very real support.

"This past weekend, my wife and I went to visit the family at their winter camp. We were discussing our faith and theirs, the similarities and differences. Then the mother told me, "After Hasim saw that move about the Bible in "God's Story," I think he accepted Jesus. He believed what it said."

"I'd had an inkling down inside that when Hasim passed, he was ready. Nothing to pin it to, but just a feeling in my heart. His wife, though she's yet to make a confession, felt sure that as a result of the clear message he heard through the "God's Story" video, he'd made a decision to believe that Jesus is more than a good man and a good teacher, but is truly the Way, the Truth and the Life.

"I look forward to seeing Hasim in Heaven! Thanks for your blessed help in getting the Word out to these people."

SURPRISING VERSION: When first proposed to us, we at first refused to produce a Hip Hop version of God's Story. After listening to the Creation section read over the phone in this urban culture's style of rhyme, God impressed us to move on this version. (For those of you who were as cautions as were we in the beginning, we have small portion audio streamed on the Internet for you to check. Hip Hop was our 100th version. (See home page.) Many users of GS from around the world gave reports during two celebrations. At the end of the second celebration you can hear Modavador g and an excerpt out of God's Story: It's All Good in the Hood.)

TV RESULTS: Wonderful reports came in from local TV broadcast in India a set up by a 24 year old youth pastor..."In Bangalore and surrounding new places we had a very good Easter Program Broadcast with the God's Story. It was amazing to get many calls from the people who watched it and was thrilled to know that God had a story for mankind. In one place when we had put the LCD projector and shown the movie there were more than 850 people who watched it and nearly 90% was convicted in their heart and made the Prayer with tears.

"We will be projecting it in many places on TV in the days to come this month April and May and our guys are real busy with this work, and we have been requested to show it in NEW VILLAGES with lot of NEW OPENINGS for Evangelism.PRAISE THE LORD!!! All Glory to JESUS CHRIST alone.

"In one place after the movie got over, a boy came to me and asked me to get the CD. I just gave it and he took it away from me and made a copy of it and the next day he came and gave back to me, then he told me that he had rented a VCD player and a TV and showed this GS VCD in his neighbourhood and saw that many people were amazed and touched to hear a story spoken by GOD. He was so much full of joy in his face."

FLIP CHARTS: Next are 3 incredibly encouraging reports from our latest addition to the line of TGSP tools. We first sent 3 hand-made flip charts for trial use in India. The new type charts have 150 panels to flip with over 200 pictures from God's Story. Then we prepared and shipped 100 professionly printed charts all over the world for added field testing. We are not arranging to produce these in the 100s of thousands in Asia for world distribution to front-line foot soldiers (evangelists).

REPORT #1 "We are having Teens Camp, yesterday there were 175+ Teens and today it was amazing to see that there were much more 67 new kids. We make them in groups and assign a Leader to help them and teach them. The things is that, these are 100% non-Christian kids from Hindu families.

"We have been doing this since many years and had put advertisements about the Camps to get the kids saying, " 7 Days Teens Summer Camp for Personality Development" for 4 hours a day. When they come to camp we teach them English and then art of Drawing and Painting and Paper Cutting and Craft works, and how to attend Group Discussion and then other things along with GOD's WORD indirectly.

"This year for the first time, today we used the GS FLIP Chart to teach them about the "Science of Creation and History of Mankind," and then asked the Children to make Painting Charts about what they saw in the Flip Chart. We had a very good response.The Hindu Teens were amazed to hear the evolution of man coming out from Eden Garden and God's inspirational book Bible containing so many facts and truths about mankind and then the Noah's ark one of the World's first and largest ship to float on earth.

"Today they saw the Old Testament Flip Chart and the GS Movie.Tommorrow they will be seeing the remaining part about God's plan of Salvation to save the Mankind through Jesus Christ. This FLIP Chart is extremely so wonderful and amazing, it gives time for the viewers and listeners to think what they are seeing and listening from the leader and also makes it better and helpful for the leader to explain slowly and clearly and clarify every doubts that is arising for the viewers and listeners and then proceed further.

"GSFC is almost serving to be like a Bible study (from the Christian prospetive) and it is a New Wonder for the Non-Christians which is serving as a window to a new World of facts and reality. The explainations given along with pictures is fantastic and wonderful. I'm very much excited to use it because of its simple and easy to use and explain.

REPORT #2 "We gave one evangelist flip chart and he tried with audio player in one place and own voice in other. I was with them in both places. Evangelist was confused, after 5 minutes he was o.k. In another place He was comfortable to use Audio voice and flip Chart well because he practiced well before using the flip Chart. We are very happy the way He used the flip chart and concduct the class.

"In one place we shared the Creation Story and another place we shared the birth of Jesus Christ. First place 2 men came to the Lord, these 2 are science teachers in Primary school. In another place one elderly person came to the Lord, He was searching for the Savior since 60 years. He is an educated man but he did not get the opportunity to hear about Jesus who came to this earth to save people who are created by God almighty. He knows some thing greater truth behind the origin of Man, after explaining the birth of Jesus and the purpose of His coming. He accepted Christ has his personal savior, he was so happy after received Christ as His savior. I thank God for His WORD and all the tools He is making through (G.S) His servants."

REPORT #3 "This year we have divided into 9 group with the 3 member's team. We sent them to different villages. Last 45 days they shared the Gospel to 9638 people and they visited 600 families and distributed the Gospel booklets and G.S. Audio / videocassettes. 919 people came to the Lord. Totally 3226 Children and 1100 youths attended in different Vocational Bible Schools Each teacher used the sample TGSP Flip Chart (We trained one day, how to use this flip Chart and we shared how to divide stories chronological way) God did miracles after miracle in each village. In One village 28 people came to the Lord through using this flip Chart."

MIRACLE AFTER ATTACK:A village evangelist was brutally attacked in India. Six attackers attempted to cut off his hands and feet, "so he could not walk into our village again and so he could not hold that Bible." Even during the attack the man shared Jesus' love. Multiple miracles followed:
The doctors were amazed that the evangelist not only lived, he walked out of the hospital
The injured man's family, local Christians and the police visited the village days later. They came on a peace mission to offer forgiveness.
At least four doctors asked Jesus for salvation
Patients observing all of this and who were shown "God's Story" in the hospital came to faith
In all, at least 240 became believers!

A week later the village's chairman, a Hindu of the Brahmin caste, invited some of the peace team to come into his home saying, "They have goodness we do not have." His whole family watched "God's Story."  They prayed for salvation and now have opened their home for regular church meetings.
For those of you who know the bondage of Hinduism, note this:  The same day this Brahmin received Jesus, he walked through the village with our one of our partners to visit each of the 6 attacker's homes. Even though two of the attackers were of the lowest caste, "untouchables," the
newly saved Brahmin ENTERED ALL OF THE HOUSES! Jesus transforms lives!

USA. The boys in the detention home where I work all wanted a copy of the audio CDof God's Story. It is the rage. So far two have asked Jesus to be their Saviour as a result of listening to it.

Central Nepal: "Next week on the 25th, I am going to talk about how to do the house groups among new believers those who received the christ last month as a result of God's stroy presented in the villages."

North West Africa: "Greetings in the Lord. The guy named Ba listened to God's Story about 3 times in Wolof, and said he understood it ...."

USA: "I checked God's Story out of our church library.  It has changed my life.  Before, I only understood Salvation from what God did for me.  For the first time I saw Salvation from God's perspective!"

Papua New Guinea: "Just to advise that the portable DVD & God Story DVD has been out on a village practical trip for 2 weeks. At a village called Foroi on the Purari river -it is about 10 hours travel by motorized canoe from the hospital.
"The Hospital staff and 3 nursing students who took the DVD said how challenged they were [both the ones at the village and the students
themselves] by the two video's they took - "The God Story" and "the Ten Commandments"  They showed both of them a good number of times in the two weeks.  The people of Foroi village expressed their appreciation of the videos - this may seem small but they are a people who seldom express gratitude so from them it is meaningful."

USA: Convention on Reaching International Students: One lady stopped by our TGSP table while I was telling someone about the Discussion Guide that goes with God's Story  She interrupted me saying, "I got the guide last year and after using it I rewrote all our material. I love it!  Students keep coming back week after week because they love God's Story and how it's taught.It's clear and easy to understand."

Nepal: [Jumli speakers are in the "unreached people group" category.] "The premier show of Jumli was more than we expect. There were about 200 [Nepali]church leaders and believers in our church right after the church service.
We dedicated this GS CDs in Jumli language, had anointing prayer to 7[Jumli] leaders (including D and his parents [ex Hindu priest who found Jesus through watching GS] who are from Karnali Zone and Jumli is their mother tongue. Karnali Zone is the most backward, undeveloped, illiterate and poor people's Zone of all Nepal. No any ground road has touched to this Zone yet, every year 1000s of people die because there is no food and medicine.

"Most of the people have not seen any bicycle, motor, car like this yet.
People carry the goods on their back and use horse as well. There is only one permanent small airport in Jumla but this also would be closed during winter due to snow covered. Jumla is the headquarter of Karnali Zone. Many who live in interior part of Karnali never take bath in their life. Their cloth are torn completely, and once they wear they will remove only when it can not work at all.  Never seen hospital in their life.  I believe they will really impact Karnali zone, we are praying for them and they are also praying powerful.

"Maoist problem is the main problem in Nepal, and Karnali is affecting badly by this problem. Karnali needs complete deliverance from darkness. Superstition, idol worship, and evil spirit worship is strong in Karnali. [The attacks on the Nepali people by the Maoist's are so severe that even this courageous leader says they cannot go to that region now.  He told us that the Evangelist Backpack and God's Story would be confiscated and that they would probably be killed.  However, Praise God, because Jumli speakers are fleeing their region and coming to the cities, they are being reached with the Gospel for the first time.]

Zambia in Africa6-page : [We have selected a few lines out of our Zambia director's wonderful response reportalmost .]: "57 KMS from Luanshya...it was amazing that at the end of the show everyone gathered in that church hall was on his60 came /her feet to express joy.  ..not less than forwardto .  Almost all received Jesus Christ as personal Savior."...[then he took the team outlying villages and homes and showed GS using his solar Evangelist Backpack] ..."everyone in the homes we visited saw the need to come
Almost forward to commit his or her life to the Lord"...."I remember one lady who commented this: 'oh so this was real, this is how they killed Jesus.'...."I cannot speak of scores of men, women and the youth who expressed testimonies of receiving physical healing and peace of God."..."All credit goes to the creator himself for it is him and him alone who is making this possible."
[This very capable director oversees three African counties for TGSP.  He is a Zambian pastor/ evangelist living in extremely humble circumstances, yet he supports 5 orphans in his tiny home in addition to his 6 children.]

South East India:  I was preparing the Telugu script on computer for
translation of "Koya","Banjara" and Erukula. Suddenly one of our office Scientist came and sat in front me and asked me to show the GS.I started the GS (Telugu ).

When he started to watch the film he came into attention position and after creation part he started asking questions about creation and why kept the forbidden fruit and so on. i was amazed for his intrest in creation.For the pase 2 years i have been trying to evangelise him but he used to escape from me. But this time he watchted a part of film and started asking questions.
Them i asked him a question. after watching the film can you tell how old christianity is?
He instantaneously told for the begining of the universe and christian God only created the Universe.
Then i asked him earlier what was his assunption regarding christianity? He told it was a religion of
2000 years old. He just watched the creation and Adams fall only. He stood up told he will go on some work.Then i invited him to come to the church tomorrow. He told he will come to church.
Praise Lord for 2 years he didnot allow me to talk about Jesus. earlier he told me that why these Christians always try to tell about their God.And why christianity is spreading like anything?
Its live testimony for me of a Scientist(Hindu)watching GS and stisfied with the Creation mode.
I can remember the glow in his eyes while he was watching the creation and fall of Adam.
I can sense the power of this GS tool in coming days"

.......From SIBS(South India Biblical Seminar) "College dean called me and said,'God is using this tool in different places, God is bringing more souls than before in the history of their college. one night 20 people came to the Lord.'"
       Pastor. N K N from Orissa State in India who received a solar-powered Evangelist Backpack [EVBP] wrote "God is so good to us becouse he has sent good tool for the village ministry."
       North India: Pastor. P from jammu and Kashmir wrote our India director saying "This [EVBP] is unique and blessed tool in the remote places where where there is no power. 'He requisted 4 EVBP to his ministry in hill places of Jammu & Kashmir.'"
........Extreme North East India: [We met this young evangelist at our seminar inIndia in October.  We gave him one of the evangelist backpacks, and this ishis report. "Beloved in chirst  I am so happy to inform you that our villager are very happy to watch the God'story. In many remote villages I have showed the same by traveling on foot for two/ three days. this equipment is really very helpfull me to tell the God's story. And also I do praying for more effective ministry in our state. Even our church members also gloryfying God for this equipment beacuse this is ever first time in our state, no body has have like this DVD.
"Arunachal Pradesh is restricted area so far for non-Arunachalee, no any one can enter in this state without entry permit from state government. So our state is very vergin and unreached."
.......CHINA: [Note the code words] "Recent polls among the customer base emphasized the need for a new flavor, many expressed their inability toswallow the hard bread of other bakers."  [This means nationals love God's Story and work is being done on new language versions for non-Mandarin speakers inside China.]
.......NEPAL:  "Praise God !!! We complete the all the recording of Jumli yesterday." [The Jumli people are unreached, but the newly saved handful of believers reaching out to their people are waiting to put God's Story into use."
.......ROMANIA: ""GS" continues to be distributed in Romania. It is a part from our basic package of "video libraries for Schools / Churches" project. I believe over 200 Schools have already GS program in their video library.
"Also, all local secular TV stations we are working with have the program and use it too.  Two years ago GS was aired on the national state channel (Romanian national TV).
In April GS will be aired on a different national coverage channel
("B1-TV" - 55% national coverage) during Easter week.  Also during Easter week, on Tuesday & Wednesday, GS /Romanian voice over will be aired on the satellite channel "TBN-Europe" in the "Romanian language Block"."
.......NORTH AFRICA:  "Just wanted to give you an update on the usage of the GS backpack out here where we work.  We are currently using the one you sent us along with 4 other portable DVD players.  These are circulated by believers and used to share the good news for the first time and for discipleship of those who  already believe.
"We live in a remote area so the ability to use the solar panel is great.
In our environment, the mobility that the backpack provides is great!"
........PHILIPPINES:  "Last time during our film showing in our neighbor village, one old woman who is blind told us a story, that she is very thankful to Godthat even she is blind, she is able to listen and able to know the Bible through listening to the film God's Story."
........AFRICA: "Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
 "Thank you so very much for the shipment of 2 Gods Story VCD kits safely arrived here at our mission headquarters this morning - amidst much praise and thanksgiving!
"I've just returned from the field and saw the previous 12 VCD kits in
action,  proclaiming the gospel, transforming lives and empowering
evangelists with this tremendous tool for reaching and teaching the lost.
"We have many tremendous photographs of the Gods story kits at work in theNuba Mountains, Southern Sudan, in Zimbabwe and Zambia. They have been used in prisons, musilm evangelism, hospitals, military bases, across the length and breadth of our mission fields in Africa."
........NEPAL: [Salvations in Nepal among the unreached]
"Another news is in  N's village in Kailali district. I already wrote you that N watched GS in Nepali and his elder brother A also watched GS in Nepali and now they both are in Faith in our Lord Jesus. GS has opened their eyes and heart for the Gospel to both of them.
 "'Badi' community is known for prostitution in Nepal. And they are found only in Mid-Western and Far-Western region of Nepal. And Kailali is the main district of this community. And Kailali's "Satti" market is the main place of prostitution in Kailali.
"Both of these brothers and their families are from the same community and same place "Satti". They are the first converts form this community and the place. Both of these brothers and their families all came to Nepalgunj last Christmas and we spend quality and quantity time with them and counsel them and prayed for them and showed GS in Nepali again.  Then they went back with much encouragement and boldness with the power of gospel.
"As the result of it the first fellowship in Satti started on January 3rd, '04 for eternity.  Now there are 9 people including  A and N and their wives attending the fellowship. Many other want to follow Christ
"Many NGOs and INGOs has been working for long to eradicate the prostitution from this place, but no any improvement.  Now Jesus, His word and His fellowship is the only single hope for this place.  Yes, we know and believe this. Jesus is going to change Badis of Nepal. So we request you to pray for this new church of Satti of Kailali and full time workers for this area and more powerful evangelism."

........NORTH INDIA: "We have started to translate the script into Bhojipuri.  As you know my office Secretary left three months baack and due to the bad name yo Bihaar State nobody is willing to come to Bihaar.  So I am over loaded with lot of works.  Please forgive me for the delay but I will do as eaarly as possible.
Please conntinue to uphold us in your prayers.
With much thanks and love
Your loving Missionary,
PS - I got word from a woman I gave GS to (who did not say she made a committment to Christ but may have done so - she is a mid-level Communist official). She said after watching it at home several times she finally got up the courage to show it to her daughter. She was relieved and pleased that her daughter enjoyed and liked it. Praise God."

Typical Wonderful Responses:
1. We sent a "God's Story" video in Hebrew to a Jewish man we met at an international business convention. He wrote back....
"Thank you kindly for your gift. The movie is amazing. Beautiful animation, beautiful sound and very easy to understand.
Especially for immigrant like me :>)
I, definitely, can tell you that it took me back to my roots and for the
bible classes 20, 25 years ago.I believe every educational institute should have this movie in their library.
Well done.

Best Regards,
 [Seed planted and an encouraging response to be sure!]

2. This email is as it came to us from a 19 year old with an evangelist's heart. ..."We have no words to say thank you since the things we have witnessed mostly after showing the God's storry in Amharic are so wonderfull. Am teaching Enlish language. This has given me a chance to evagelise more than any other time in my life.After class at three pm am engaging an evagelism class.This, i was not able to do until i got the God's story.This reason should let you know how thirsty anddry these people are.Some of them after seeing the video are believing in God for their first time.
Then after believing in God i making a three day ina week follow-up to let them now get to believe in Jesus and give their lives to him.This is the most interesting part in that some are getting in salvation without much to now about it and after they get into the deal theLord is dealing with them indivindually.It's so so amazing to see what the Lord can do in such a short span of time.

[That letter demonstrates the beauty of presenting the Gospel by including some foundational Old Testament information first. People quickly understand, and lives are transformed!

Do you know about the incredible impact chronological storytelling is having on the delivery of the Gospel world wide? For $5, which includes S & H in the States, we will mail you an audio CD and list of resources guarenteed to excite you about this present day move, which is finally reaching oral communicators. Email us your address and pay later if you find the information useful.] Send me the CD on reaching Oral Comunicators

Typical Exciting Request: Our India director just forwarded this email to us. "I met you in Secunderabad. I, happen to buy a CD of “The God’s Story” from you during the congress. I have watched the CD, indeed it was very good.

Now sir, I would like to urge you if possible kindly produce this film into the Tripuri (Kokborok) language. Total population of the state is 33,91,168. Only 1.69% of the Tripuri people accepted Christ. We have no Bible in our mother tongue (except N.T.) Tripuri or Kokborok language is recognized as a second official langue of the state. Among the existing Christian denomination in Tripura, the Baptist is the single largest group. I firmly believe that “The God’s Story” film will be very effective means to reach the un-reached and enriched the reached in Tripura."

India: We celebrate the awesome success God gave us as we partnered with national believers in a training seminar in India. What a blessing to train 500 nationals to administrate, orchestrate, translate, narrate and record languages of India. We saw 29 keen nationals earn their technition's certificates. With the fine equipment donated by caring friends of God's Story, we hope to see this newly trained "Gideon's Army" complete 400 or more new language versions. This was, and still is, a launch into the deep undertaking.

At the seminar, we gave not only gave the vision of The God's Story Project, we also explained why media presentations of the Bible and chronological storytelling are the best tools to reach the largely non-literate lost of India. We told why, and then showed how, presenting five different models.

Attendees shared three amazing insights with us. "This is the first seminar where the leaders have eaten with us, eaten the same food we eat, and where we have been taught HOW to reach the lost. Usually they just preach at us like we are not even believers! You have given us tools and taught us how to use the Bible to teach not just to preach." Mission accomplished!

Nigeria: Since Amsterdam 2000 we have developed an exciting partnership with the leader of NEMA, a Nigerian mission umbrella group over 96 mission orginazations. Together we have completed five new language versions of God's Story. He wrote recently about the impact of two. "The crowning event of Gbagyi dedication was electrifying. More then 16 evangelists willing to take the material to the nooks and crannies of the land were prayed over." and " We have dedicated the Igala as well. God was gracious and the product is so well received. Evangelists are now in various communities with startling discovery that people's hearts could open faster than we imagine if God would tell his story in their mother tongue."

Rwanda: A pastor who received God's Story at Amsterdam 2000 emailed us in several months ago saying he had applied for more copies and has been waiting now three years. Right away we sent 3 videos and two audio cassettes to him and this is his response. "The FIRST AUDIO cassette I got at Amsterdam in french was very interesting to me. It was the time I was alone at my house. and in that time my wife was traveling to other place for working to God. And I was blessed that night, concerning the summary of the gospel from creation to Eternity. So that was the reason to push me to ask you more. After receiving those by DHL, I gave one Video cassette to the Manager of one bank here in our city with 50,000 people. His wife was saved two months ago and after to ask this family the apointment, we went, I and my beautiful wife to their home. Arrived there, we took 3 hours for looking this video cassette with more excplaination of the word of God, concerning they saw. After that, this man took decision to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Now his is faithful to come in Church and hs is now a good Christian.

"An other video cassette I gave to other lady, [you know here in Rwanda; the women are so many than the man relative of genocide, e.g.; in my young church, with 30 people, I have 24 women and 6 men]. That lady I gave that cassette is widow, and she told to me; 'Pastor, because in my home they like to se a video, very much, It will help me to tell them the gospel using this video cassette. AND SHE SAID TO ME, ' I got many things what I don't know in the Bible too'

"And now there is many other people they ask me to give them others video cassettes in French." [We at TGSP still have over 3,000 evangelist/pastors from Amsterdam who wait for us to respond to their request for videos and cassettes. In time, as we are able, we hope to respond.]

Haiti: Year end report from a national using his solar backpack..."1600 people viewed Gods Story, 325 people got saved.  " Our Lord is a provider.  Thanks XXX and the ISOB Board for this movie.  This is the cry of our people.  They continue to praise Lord for you.  There were tears in their face when they saw this kind of movie.  It is real God talk to his people, He was there like every where.  It is so sad to see how thirsty are my people to know God.