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We welcome these new versions of God's Story:

For Ghana: Ahanta, Jwire-Papesa, and Sehwi. For Burkina Faso: Southern Samo (San Macaa). For Myanmar: Mro, (Chin Mro-Khimi).

Recent additions of God's Story:

For Ghana: Bissa. For Benin: Byali. For Cote d'Ivoire: Baoule, Central Guere (Southern We), Yacouba, and Toura. For Madagascar: Sakalava

For NE India: Mising, Karbi, and Mizo.

For Ghana: Kulango, Bondoukou, Brong (Abron), Dwang, Krache, Ntrubo, Vagla, Bogon, Likoonli (Likonl), and Deg.

For NE India: Garo, Konyak Naga, and Rabha (Rava). Hungarian for Hungary. Iban for Maylasia, and Duruma for Kenya.

For Africa: Egyptian Arabic; Giryama, Kenyan Luo(Dholuo) and Turkana for Kenya; Maninka for Guinea, Moore for Bukina Faso; Tanzania Luo, Sukuma, Haya, Iraqw and Sumbafor Tanzania; Ruyankole and Runyoro (Rutoro) for Uganda; Harari for Ethiopia, and Lokpa for Benin. More Ghana versions: Wali, Southern Dagaare, Asante Twi, Nawuri, Ligbi, Logba, Sideme (Avatime) and Tuwili.For Asia: Bisu for Thailand; Pyen, Rohingya and Lahu Shi (Yellow Lahu) for Myanmar; Pareer, Urau, Liangmai Naga, Rongmei Naga, Tase Naga, Rajasthani (Marwari), Assamese, Kom Rem, Kamta (Rajbanshi) and Bodo for India; and Urdu-Pakistan for Pakistan.

Very glad to have Zuni for USA completed.

Kijita for Tanzania; Afan Oromo West Central for Ethiopia; Hajong and Thadou Kuki for NE India.

And these versions for Ghana: Adele, Ewe', Gikyode, Lelemi, Koma (Konni), Nkonya, Ktrubo (Delo), Sekpele, Selle, and Siwu.

New Versions: Kayah for Myanmar; Ao-Naga for India; Khasi for India; Kui for India; Juba Arabic for Sudan; Luganda for Uganda; Maldivian/Dhivehi for Maldives; Ntcham (Bassari) for Ghana; Chumburung for Ghana; Nafaanra for Ghana; Malagasy for Madagascar; and Afrikaans for South Africa

Recently completed new languages: Gonja for Ghana; Bal... for Iran; Greenlandic for Greenland; Danish for Denmark; Karamojong for Uganda; Akha for Myanmar; Norwegian for Norway; Fur for Sudan; and Tajiki for Tajakistan.

New versions completed: Flowery Miao-hmd China; Tigrigna-tir Ethiopia and different version of Tigrigna-tir for Eritrea.

New versions: Nateni-ntm Benin; Maithili - mai Nepal; Bassa-bsq Liberia; Asho Chin-csh Myanmar

New versions completed: Simply Aussie Australia; Anufo-cko Sissala-sil Ghana; Kikuya-kik Kenya; Hadiya-hdy Borana-gax Ethiopia; Vai Liberia; Theti Nepal

Completed: Guragigna-sgw Ethiopia; Matu, Rawang-raw Myanmar; Kamba-kam Kenya; Jirel-jul, Chepang-cdm, Sherpa-xsr Nepal; Mampruli-maw, Tampulma-tpm; Buli-bwu, Kasem-xsm, Kusaal-kus Bimoba-bim Ghana; Konkomba-xon Ghana; Tausug-tsg, Maguindanao-mdh, Bangingih-sse Philippines; Konda-kfc, Kuvi-kxv, Gondi Sthrn-ggo, India; Chittagonian-cit Bangladesh; Ndebeli-nde Zimbabwe; Songhai-khq Mali; Fulfulde,W-fuh Niger; Mirpuri-pmu Pakistan; Hawa Naga, Zaiwa Thailand; Pokimechi W-pob Guatamala; Tanimuka Colombia

Now done Chitwan Tharu, Western Magar, Chepang & Sunuwar for Nepal; Mandinka for Gambia; Lomwe for Mozambique; Mara for Myanmar; Ngochang for Thailand; Kissi, Manya & Gola for Liberia and Tumbuka for Malawi

Just added are Tunisian Arabic, Quechua-Ayachuco, for Peru, Tai Lue for Vietnam, Jingpho for Myanmar, Bajhangi for Nepal and Chhattisgarhi for NE India

Now completed for Africa are Bari for Sudan, Somali for Somalia, Wolaytigna for Ethiopia, Loma, Kpelle and Bandi for Liberia, and for Ghana Talni, Dangme, and Akan-Fante. Also available are Tai Dam for Vietnam, Syletti for Bangladesh, and Pwo Karen for Myanmar.

Just completed are Anung for Thailand, Si-Lozi for Zambia, Talni for Ghana, Sinhala for Sri Lanka, Kurukh, Shadri, & Mundari for India and Dinka Rek for Sudan.

Now Available are Maasai for Kenya. Romani for Macedonia and Efutu (Awute), Farefare & Nzema (Appolo) for Ghana

Dagbanli spoken in Ghana, Manipuri & Tangsha in Manipuri State India, Darai for Nepal and Banjari-Lamani for Central India are all completed.

Tamashek for Niger, Jorai for Vietnam and Tashelhayt for Algeria are produced.

Kikaonde & Lunda for Zambia are completed and SW Tanna for Vanuatu is done.

Two more versions just were completed. Sena for Malawi and Oriya for Orissa State India

We welcome these languages as versions of God's Story. Cantonese, Wa & Pa'O Karen for Myanmar, Badaga for India, Lisu for Thailand, Mapundungun for Chile, Swahili for East Africa and Oromoigna-Afan for Ethiopia

We announce the completion of Bengali, Maghi, Dogri and Kashmiri for India and Tibetan Kham for China and Nepal. Luvale for Zambia is now done. Also new are Shan, Sgaw Karen, Rakhine & Silver Palaung for Thailand and Myanmar. Just done as well for North Africa are Moroccan Arabic, Middle Atlas Berber (Tamazight) and Riffi Berber (Tarrifit).

Another exciting addition: Kyrgtz for Kyrgystan!

Recent Versions: New Updated Urdu for India and Tsangla (Sharchop) for Bhutan.

Newer Versions: Hariyanuvi and Marathi for India and Rwandan for Rwanda.

Now completed are Yoruba & Ishoko for Nigeria, Ge for China, Polish for Poland, Irula, Tulu & Konkoni for India, Tibetan Amdo for China, Khmer for Cambodia and Ahcoli for Uganda.

Fulfulde Central for Nigeria (and neighboring countries), Gurung Western and Sampang Rai both for Nepal

Finished: Hmong Blue, Hmong White for China & SEA Asia and Lahu for Thailand.

Finally completed!!! Kurdish Kurmanji Latin and a new Portuguese done inside Brazil.

Eight this time!--Hip Hop (Spoken Word, audio version, popular all over the world among urban youth), Makua for Mozambique, Haka Mara for Myanmar, Magar Kham & Rana Thara for Nepal and Ishoko, Urhobo & Pidgin English all three for Nigeria.

Newari for Nepal, Koya, Gujarati, Punjabi & Bhojpuri, for India, Hausa for Nigeria and Chinanteco Lalana for Mexico

Yanamamo for Venezuela, Haitian Creole, Yunannese & Dzongkha

Yao for Malawi, Dari for Afghanistan, Tamil & Malayalam for India, Tibetan for China, Haka Chin & Burmese for Myanmar and ASL (PSE) Closed Caption for USA deaf.

Awadhi for Nepal is done and Chibemba for Zambia is now available.

Jumli for Nepal is now in use. Telugu for AP India was premiered in Hyderabad and Guntar and met with 100% approval and excitement! Masters for the Yao for Malawi ship in a few days.

Chitonga for Zambia and Lao for Laos.

Bangla Musalmani for Banglasesh and India!

ARABIC-C (No English), N. AZARI Azerbaijani +, CANTONESE Hong Kong+, CENTRAL ASIAN RUSSIAN, DUTCH Netherlands, FULFULDE PULAAR NW Africa, TARTAR Russia+, THAI Thailand, UIGHUR N Kazakstan.

KANARI for Nigeria and S. W. TELUGU for India, done!

CHADIAN ARABIC for Chad, IGALA for Nigeria and KANNADA for India WARAY WARAY and TAGALOG for the Philippines, QUICHUA for Bolovia are completed.

GBAGYI (Nigeria), DAZAGA (Chad), SHONA (Zimbabwe), and CHICHEWA (Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe) finished!

BASSA Produced and masters delivered to Nigeria. The 100,000 speakers are 5% literate and have only a few Bible portions in their language.

Turkish-C, a version edited particularly for out-of-USA users, is available.

CEBUANO Completed and copies ready
TAMANG Videos now available.

KULU PAHARI completed. & BOLIVIAN QUICHUA copies expected soon.

URDU North India (city use only)

QASHQAI and LURI are approved. Copies available.

NEPALI is approved and copies are now available!

and VIETNAMESE are done.
Videos are here!

God's Story now produced on one VCD disk for play in VCD & DVD players and computers! More that half of our completed languages are now available on VCD at video prices.

UKRAINE finished. Copies available


SUSU completed.

K'ANJOBAL for Guatemala and USA done!

CHUJ, an Indian language of Guatemala completed!

MAM for Gautamala finished!

AMHARIC completed! Copies ready to ship.

SPANISH in a brand new production with enhanced music and sound effects now available.

ARMENIAN God's Story completed!

WOLOF translation is now going out. (7 Million people in Africa speak this language!)

ALBANIAN is finally finished.

KAZAK is completed and already in use!

FARSI version is done!

TURKISH is completed and now being put to use in Turkey.

HEBREW is done!

Final negotiations are in progress and/or the translation process is in progress for ten additional languages for tribal groups.

In total we have over 200 language translations of God's Story either finished, in various stages of negotiation or in script translation. This count does not include the over one THOUSAND languages that now have also been requested.

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