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God's Story Synopsis

PRAYING - Three Prayer Requests

1. Pray for the translators, narrators and production teams who help with each new translation. As expected, since we are making the Word of God available to unsaved millions, Satan continually attacks and tries to stop production of the translations.

Script translation for each new language offers unique challenges. Finding the "perfect" narrator proves to be vital in producing a finished product that reaches people's hearts. Not only must we find a narrator with a regional accent that is pleasing to listeners, he also must be highly skilled in using multiple voices for storytelling. In addition he must have spiritual depth so that the message of each story will be accurately portrayed.

As we continue this daunting task, we are reminded that Jesus said in Matthew 19:26, "With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible." We believe "all things" includes providing top quality, God-honoring translations of this Bible video.

PLEASE: Pick a language on the request list found on Current Needs and pray for its funding and completion until the request becomes a reality.

2. Pray also for the missionaries and national Christians who are distributing and setting up showings of the newly finished translations of God's Story.

Awhile back we received shocking news. A dedicated group of Christians has been supporting translation of a new language (but in wisdom we must not mention the language or country here.) Now that the video is nearly complete, the anti-Christian leaders of this country have "outlawed" TV's and VCR's for their people. Because of this repressive order, the God's Story videos will have to go even deeper underground than we first anticipated. But remember, "Nothing is impossible with God."

PLEASE: Pick a finished language, and pray that the nationals and missionaries who use it will be protected. Also, pray that the people living under oppressive anti-God governments will be shielded from persecution as they are exposed to the Gospel in God's Story.

3. Pray for the leadership of The God's Story Project. We need the wisdom to properly guide this project and "not faint" until all language groups in the world have access to this Gospel tool in their own heart language. Pray also that we will follow the Holy Spirit's leading in the decisions of how to best spend each penny entrusted to us for translation.

PLEASE: Pray for the leadership of The God's Story Project.

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SHARING - Five Ways To Share

1. Can you help let other folks know about this vital world Gospel outreach? We want mission groups to know this tool is available. Perhaps a mission organization in which you are involved could sponsor a language master?

2. Get a video for one of your church's missionaries. You could preview a video in English, then, if you feel led, send a copy to your missionary. (Make sure the video you send is compatible with the system they use! Most other countries use the PAL system VCR's. These VCR's cannot play the videos used in VCR's in the USA which use the NTSC system). After your missionaries view the video (or review the information you send to them about it), they can let you know if they need this tool. Since the cost of the master is not too large, perhaps getting this video translated and into the hands of your special missionaries could become a project for combined Sunday School classes?

3. Distribute our newsletters. Contact us and ask for copies.

4. Let people know about this WEB site. If someone you know might be interested, and that person does not have Internet access, you can still print of some of the pages and send them to your acquaintances via postal service.

5. Loan or give out copies of foreign translations. Get a copy to someone you know personally whose first language is not English. Purchase a Video and use it for a gift or a "loaner." It proves to be an effective witnessing tool. It is a wonderful way to let people from other cultures and religious backgrounds see for themselves the message of the "Christian" Bible.

6. Show the God's Story video in your home or to church groups who might be interested in supporting a language. We offer a short informational video on The God's Story Project that you can use for a presentation. Just send an email and ask for our "Ambassador" video and tell us you are interested in having a copy. Give us your name and address and let us know how you will use it, and we will send the tape to you as a loaner to show others.

PLEASE: Let people know about the God's Story translation project and help get copies of the video into peoples' hands.

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GIVING  - Three Ways To Give

Supply a master tape to a missionary
1. Sponsor getting a master tape into a new area. In developing countries we allow master-tapes to be distributed. Each language master-tape of God’s Story that we get into the hands of a mission group or of a native Christian leader can be used to duplicate hundreds or thousands of videos to supply thirsty seekers with the Gospel. In some areas, mission groups are able to sell the videos that they duplicate at a very small price so that they can re-coup some of the expenses.

When we began this world outreach in 1997, the request list for new languages quickly had more than 50 on it. Now the requests have topped 1000 and are rising. This great interest is understandable. Most people in the unreached languages category cannot read and are part of largely oral societies. Thousands of languages exist among these people. We often refer to these as “very small people groups,” yet these small community nations vary from twenty thousand to nearly a million people who speak only one language. These lesser known people-groups need Jesus too! They need to see and HEAR the Bible in their native tongue now! You can help make this happen by providing toward a language sponsorship of $3,500.

2. Sponsor a new language. We need funding to produce God’s Story masters in new languages. God is our supplier, however He does use Christians to deliver his bounty!

The cost to produce a new language and supply duplication rights and a master tape is $3,500. Before we begin a new language, we make certain that there is a established way to get the videos into the country and into the hands of the people who are ready to use them. We welcome help from local missionaries or native Christians in translation or narration of a new language. E-Mail The God's Story Project or call The God's Story Project about these language partnerships.

3. Donations of any size help. The God’s Story Project pays its expenses through donations as well as through the occasional sales of multiple masters of the same language to different mission groups. Donations coming into The God’s Story Project will be used toward translating, and for distribution of masters and tapes in multiple languages.

Any income from master sales or donations above operating expenses helps to fund those languages which desperately need this Gospel tool. The God’s Story Project is a 501 c (3), non-profit organization dedicate to the translation and distribution of God's Story in multiple world languages.

PLEASE: Consider giving a donation of any size, knowing that it will go towards the translation, production and distribution of the God's Story video in foreign languages. Back to Top
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