Audio Stream of
God's Story:  From Creation To Eternity
Narration, Sound Track, and Music

God's Story Video:  From Creation to Eternity

  God's Story Synopsis

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The God's Story Project.

Hear audio stream of the 80-minute panorama of the Bible, God's Story, in the language of your choice.  After the real audio comes up on your screen, you can minimize the player while you listen to part or all of this video.

Once in a lifetime opportunity
Amsterdam 2000
Equip an Evangelist

Select a language to hear:  Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, English, Farsi, French, German, Hindi, Hebrew, Indonesian (Jakarta), Japanese, Korean, Kurdish Sorani, Luri, Mandarin,  Portuguese, Quechua, Russian, Spanish, Turkish or Wolof.

*Min. requirements for  Real Player: Audio - Pentium computer with 16 Mb RAM; Recommended: Pentium 120 with 16 MB RAM.  Please go to the Real Audio site to download Real Player Basic for free.  

It usually takes 10-30 seconds to buffer (load) in the beginning depending on your computer speed, net traffic at the moment, and your modem size. Also note that toward the beginning of the video on a few languages you will hear one-minute of music only with no narration. This is where the credits are being shown. After that minute of music, the narration and sound track will play straight through except for an occasional few seconds during play to buffer (load more audio) into your computer.

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