Last week RB and 3 more of his leaders from his church went to place called XXX. This is like a island surrounded by a big river and densely populated with around  50,000 of population and fertile land in "B" district and around 60 to 70 K.M from RB's village.  They took GS cassettes in Tharu, Awadhi and Nepali languages and cassette player along with them.  They stayed at D village and shared gospel as GS says and played cassettes of GS Tharu there, many people of that village gathered and listen story of Jesus. (This is true the story gave to us.)

Amazing Story of 10 Years Ago and Outreach to Nepal Village [We call it "D" village in this posting.]

Today afternoon Pastor G was with us and had sharing with us about the outreach trip of his leader R B (Tharu) and the team last week to in B district. RB and his outreach team was on 3 days' outreach. Brother RB and his team visited D village and shared Gospel there using the tools of GS audio cassettes, tracts, booklets of gospel etc.

One elderly Tharu man stood and with much excitement began to share in his Tharu language a true story of his village happened 10 years ago. He says, "There were many Hindu monks and priest gather together having to do worship of deity and some "Hom" (burnt offering) in the middle of D village. Suddenly a strange man came to this village and strongly commanded to all those monks and priest what you all are doing? Stop and go out from this village immediately. All those monks and priest left the place immediately.

And that strange man asked a metal glass (small vessel for drinking water). As they gave that vassal to stranger he took it and went inside of stable of cow (cow shed) and sat on a manger. He had some raw rice and he asked small cooking vessels to cook it. He cooked the rice and prepared curry all in small vessel on the manger itself; but he fed many people of that village fully out of the same prepared meal on that small vassal.

Before evening come he asked some people of that village to send him back. So some people went along with him some distance and he said "No need to go further with me now you just return back to your home. As the senders turn back and wanted saw him again to say bye bye but the stranger was not found any where there, he was disappeared.

But we have found the metal glass (vassal) he used has found 1 month ago under the ground. This 10 years old story is still fresh in our mind we can not forget it."

When they heard the God's Story, they said "That stranger possibly Jesus and he already came to our village 10 years ago as a stranger." Many are very much impressed to the gospel and want to hear more about Jesus. This is very busy season as the peak time of planting crops for all the farmers. But whole day they work hard and evening time they come to the house where the team staying and listening GS, songs, gospel story from them till late night. Some sleep there itself and some go home late night. They are telling to R B, "Come back again after the season of planting and stay longer with us we will follow Jesus." But 4 Tharu men of different family received Jesus as their personal Savior.

Brother RB and his team will go to this village next month again, hoping for great harvest, and praying hardly. And they are making a request to pray for the salvation of this village and whole region.

We have to think who was that stranger appeared with authority 10 years ago, fed many people out of a small vassal's rice, disappeared suddenly, and one month ago only that same vassal was found and now the Greatest Story of Jesus comes to this village.